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How to connect with a stranger – in French

Bonjour ! Do you know this feeling of being stuck in a conversation? You want to connect with the person in front of you and the only vocabulary you have is « Ça va ? »? SO frustrating. You’d like to ask them about their dreams, their

How to start a conversation in French (part 1)

Have you ever ended up stuck in a “Ca va?” “Oui, et vous?” « Ca va. » conversation? Where you don’t know how to articulate phrases of more than 3 words? When you’d really love to connect with the person in front of you? YES! And you

How to transform a “non” into a “oui”

Salut, Ca va super ? When a French person says “no”, she often means “yes”. Ouch. A false “non” is a polite habit. We honour our guest or our friend or a stranger by saying “I can do it myself” but help is of course

Saying « bonjour » twice: don’t make this expat mistake

Bonjour, Tu vas bien ? In the UK, US, Australia, Canada… when you meet a person for the second time during the day you just say , “hi” or “hello”. But in France, saying bonjour several times is super rude. Maybe you didn’t know and

Learn French the easy way… with games!

Salut ! Ca va ? Learning French usually implies boring grammar books, thousands of conjugation exercises and endless lists of vocabulary… See what I mean? 🙂 I have good news for you : There is another way to learn useful vocabulary, bawdy French expressions and

What to bring to a French dinner

Bonjour bonjour, Tu vas bien ? When I was in England, I loved being invited by locals. So I could see what stories we shared, what we laughed about together, what we would eat… Every invitation was an awesome insight on their culture, for me,

How to say “I can’t eat foie gras”;

Salut, Ca va super ? Génial. Today, I’m writing to you for 2 things: – the episode of Comme une FrançaiseTV of the week (oui!) – A special offer to celebrate the newest addition to the course family First things first. You know how sometimes

Formal French: when mumbling is NOT an option

Anyone who knows French will tell you that… … to make valuable contacts, you often have to upgrade your French to « Formal French ». Bonjour, Tu as passé une bonne semaine ? I did! Following the earthshaking response I received with the first episode of Comme

Wine in France: Don’t Make this Expat Mistake

It’s cold and snowy in France right now. Even Paris was all white this WE, it’s been all over the news! Well, let’s start with what I told you last week. (drumroll) I’m happy to present in exclusivity: (cheering and clapping in the public) Each

What they never tell you about January traditions in France

In January, France gets slowly back to work after a 2 weeks break. Every French person talks about their family Christmas and their New Year’s Eve gueule de bois (hangover). And how they need a few days off to recover from holidays. 🙂 But what

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