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Salut !

Moi, c’est Géraldine Lepère.

I’m a French woman (Paris-born, now living in the Alps) with a passion for sharing my love for French language and culture! I started Comme une Française in 2012 and have since helped more than 6,500 alumni learn to confidently understand and speak real, modern French through my paid programs – not to mention taught more than 8 million French learners through my weekly YouTube lessons.

Born to a French father and Mexican mother, I know the challenges and desire to blend into life in a foreign country. After two years of living in the UK, I knew that going beyond just grammar is essential to fitting in and feeling at home wherever you are.

If you love France and French life, I’m here to guide you, answering questions you wouldn’t dare ask about anything and everything French, so join me for learning and fun.



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Spoken French Essentials

Ready to go beyond your textbook French and learn to speak with confidence? This program covers the spoken French foundations that every French learner needs, no matter how long you’ve been studying French.

French Vocabulary and Pronunciation

Stop sounding like a textbook and start speaking French like a confident adult with my Master Spoken French series. Learn to speak and understand the French that real French people speak.

Exercise Your French

The quickest and best way to train your ear to understand real spoken French — no matter how fast it’s spoken! Listen to real French conversations, improve your comprehension, and test your knowledge.

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French Culture Lesson — La Bise

Wondering how to do “la bise” when visiting France? Who do you kiss on the cheek, and how many “bises” is appropriate? Find out more about this important part of French culture.

French Expressions Around Thumbs

You know that we have many colloquial expressions in French… but did you know there are several French expressions around thumbs?! Discover 5 in this French lesson.

5 French Expressions with Food

Food is incredibly important to French culture, and learning more about it can be a fun way to learn French! Discover some French expressions about food we use in everyday conversation.

How to Speak French and Not Sound Boring

Learn how to have more interesting French conversations, and speak French without coming across as boring.
Now, I’m able to distinguish certain sounds that sounded unclear to me before the course when people spoke. Now it’s easier for me to ‘dissect’ what people are saying when speaking.
Cristina T.
I love languages, and I wanted to improve my french from high school with real, spoken french so I could travel abroad. I loved having the insight of a native french speaker and I was surprised by all the little subtleties about spoken french. Instead of learning lists of vocabulary, it’s more like nuances that a non-native would take a while to pick up on.
Zack K.
I am not afraid to talk in French. She really pushes people and gives the nerve to start the conversation in a foreign language. It is okay to mess up too. Nobody is perfect!
Jani H.

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