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Cultural differences: 5 scary French things for foreigners

Salut !

A few weeks back, we looked at how to scare the hell out of a French person, remember? What kinds of things can be overwhelming for us. You know, stuff like “a hug” or being over friendly. All that might frigthen us without your even being aware of it.

This week, you’ll see the other side of this topic: what habits WE have that might unsettle you. See what I mean?

Click to watch « Cultural differences: 5 scary French things for foreigners »:

Links to the videos : Kiss or shake handsHow to say « that » in FrenchPolitely decline foie gras

Et toi ?
I really understand how scary cultural differences can be and I’d love to hear from you:

What cultural difference were you scared of in France?
Can you share 1 thing you’ve overcome and 1 thing you’re still not ready to experience again?

Bisous bisous,


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