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Say “Au Revoir, Textbook French”. I’m Geraldine and at Comme une Française I teach thousands of students around the world Real French from Real French People.

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Welcome to the Comme une Française School

We offer premium, authentic, in-depth programs for passionate francophiles, expats, and travelers who want to go feel more French.

Build the confidence to understand and speak French better with the Comme une Française warm, modern and friendly style.

Entertaining, bite-sized lessons for everyone, handmade with love in Grenoble, by Géraldine, founder of Comme une Française.

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Salut !

Moi c’est Géraldine Lepère.

I’m a French woman (Paris-born, now living in the Alps) with a passion for sharing my love for French language and culture! I started Comme Une Française in 2012 and have been featured in USA Today, the Sunday Times, Le Parisien and M6. Born to a French father and Mexican mother, I know the challenges and desire to blend into life in a foreign country. After two years of living in the UK, I knew that going beyond just grammar is essential to fitting in and feeling at home wherever you are. If you love France and French life, I’m here to guide you, answering questions you wouldn’t dare ask about anything and everything French, so join me for learning and fun. You’ve been following my weekly episodes for a while and now I’m happy to open the doors of the Comme une Française School to you.

Enchantée !

Par ici le menu !

Our programs are built like a michelin-starred restaurant menu. Just as in a meal, the courses are meant to be taken in a certain order.


Traditional pre-dinner drinks and snacks to get a taste of French slang, avoid embarrassing mistakes, and uncover French culture gems.

Free 10-day “Everyday French” Crash course

What if you could speak, sound, and feel more French in just 10 days? You can. And you will. That’s exactly why I created the only Everyday French Crash Course.

Everyone should begin with our Everyday French Crash Course, designed to double your everyday french competency in just 10 days. This is only course designed specifically to improve your everyday French (not textbook “French”) and cultural competency…

So you can understand French movies better, speak more easily with French people, and enjoy all things French without the clichés. In this 10-day premium (FREE!) email program, you will learn everyday spoken French essentials that native francophones rely on each and every day (and that nobody ever talks to foreigners about!).

This is the only course (paid or FREE) that focuses on everyday French you can use in everyday life (whether it’s understanding a native or reading your favorite French magazine)… rather than textbook French that would be useless in Paris.

You won’t learn outdated grammar. Or old-fashioned vocabulary.

Instead, we’ll focus on common faux-pas, advice on how to speak real French and get the most out of your favorite French movies, tv shows, books, and magazines. And if you appreciate our Everyday French Crash Course, you’ll love our other premium programs. Like a way to whet your appetite before a good old French family meal.


Delicious starters to expand your vocabulary and comprehension from textbook to social French.

French Culture, Conversation & Confidence part. 1

You love all things French, and you had fun discovering some French slang, avoiding embarrassing mistakes and coming across French culture gems in the Everyday French Crash Course.

But what about your fluency?

Are you frustrated by your lack of modern everyday French vocabulary?

When you dare use your French, do the native speak so fast you don’t understand a single word?

When you watch Spiral or TV5Monde do you get lost?

That’s “Textbook French” syndrome: you learned French formally (usually at school) and found out that your French is rusty or… useless in real life.

Let’s fix that together.

French Culture, Conversation & Confidence Part 1 will allow you to brush up your French and learn modern everyday spoken French, with fun cultural insights… from a real French person. We will focus on modern everyday vocabulary and real pronunciation.

French Culture, Conversation & Confidence is perfect for francophiles, expats, French teachers who want to stay modern, and really… anyone that has some basic French.

I use a waiting list in order to give my personal best to students when they join the course, in groups. It’s my “mère poule” instinct (= mother hen). 🙂


Main course to get your conversation flowing confidently without the embarrassing blanks

French Culture, Conversation & Confidence part. 2

Now that you can make modern French phrases, sound more francophone, and start to “feel French”, how do you hold a conversation without the embarrassing blanks?

Why do you always feel like the foreigner in the queue ?

No matter how much time you took preparing your “je veux acheter la bague e, s’il vous plait”? (That’s because you don’t have the secret scripts French people use in everyday life… + this phrase is wrong)

What’s this bit of dialogue in Amélie you still struggle with? You get the words, but the meaning is a mystery and the subtitles are of no help.

French conversation is at the center of French culture and it requires insider’s knowledge to keep it flowing, without blushing or worse… switching back to English.

Speak French confidently rather than being paralyzed by your mistakes?

French Culture, Conversation, & Confidence Part 2 will teach you all the scripts and key phrases to make French people open up, smile, and answer back in French. It’s not only about words, it’s about the cultural secrets too.

This program is perfect for students who want to be confident in French: expats or frequent visitors who don’t want to be “the foreigner” anymore, teachers who want to gain authenticity in their everyday French and francophiles who want to start enjoying modern French culture and words. You’ll feel more French by noticing and using the secret cultural “scripts” that French people use every day.


Heartwarming dessert to gain fluency and X-Ray vision into French culture.

French Culture, Conversation & Confidence part. 3

Once you know how to get a French conversation flowing, you can see a new dimension to French culture — language is just the tip of the iceberg

It’s me to beyond the language.

How do you build authentic relationships (beyond the “nice-but-clueless expat” status) with French people?

How do you go beyond the etiquette and finally get a French instinct?

Why do characters in French books, movies, and TV series take so much time to become friends even though they met ages ago?

What is still invisible to you as a foreigner no matter how hard you try?

Get insider knowledge of french culture

French Culture, Conversation & Confidence Part 3 will show you how to understand and speak French beyond the language. You will build your X-Ray like vision into French culture, so you truly feel more French.

There will be no way back to the nice-cliché-francophiles zone.

You’ll know, now, the real insider stuff that only natives know.


Side dish: A bi-monthly intimate live class on French culture, news and… anything we want to discuss.

Le Salon de Géraldine

Le Salon de Géraldine is my only live program, in French, with informal chats and tons of French cultural resources, for you.

Students love to stay up to date on French culture, news and language. They sharpen and challenge their French skills and cultural competency. Because the Salon Classes are all in French, they practice their comprehension at native speed.

There is no faster or better way to become or stay “Comme une Française” than with the Salon, without immersing yourself in daily life in France for years.

Curious? This is what Salon attendants get each month:

  • Twice per month, on Wednesday at 11AM EST, live classes (all in French) with me:
    • We cover a French cultural theme (book review, French news, popular culture…)
    • I answer in detail, questions submitted in advance
    • Students get homework for next class (not mandatory!)

  • Each Friday, students receive an exclusive email «Les surprises du vendredi» (in French) with:
    • The replay of last class + the slides
    • 4 resources to discover new aspects of French culture (songs, movies, books, documentary, articles…)

Le repas de famille

Family meal to gain fluency by learning and testing yourself on French manners, customs and culture.

Exercise your French

No more passive learning. Learn from me and then test your knowledge with immediate feedback to fix your weaknesses once and for all for maximum efficiency.

Exercise your French is an innovative program built like a swiss army knife. It’s full of functionalities to suit your needs, covering 3 levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced. You will learn about French manners and customs, improve your French language skills, boost your comprehension of real French (not textbook French), consolidate your knowledge with fun tests & quizzes (and learn faster) and grow with the program: it covers THREE levels!

You want to show respect to French people when you talk to them Whether in Paris, Nantes or your favorite tiny 50-inhabitant rural village in Le Poitou, you want to show that you care about their culture to your French penpal, your French teacher or a French tourist in your city asking for direction to their hotel.

Not sure what program is good for you?