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  • LEVEL: All
  • CATEGORY: Introduction to spoken French

Everyday French Crash Course

Free email program to double your Frenchness in just 10 days

  • Speak, sound and feel more French - quickly and for free!
  • Familiar vocabulary and everyday expressions to sound more natural
  • The «everyday spoken French grammar» French people actually use
  • A touch of French slang to better understand real spoken French
  • Exclusive lessons by email, delivered daily in your inbox for 10 days

Open & Free

  • LEVEL: Complete Beginner
  • CATEGORY: Introduction to spoken French

French for Beginners by Géraldine

My course for complete beginners

  • Learn French from scratch with Géraldine
  • Beginner French vocabulary
  • Beginner French grammar
  • Spoken French tips for beginners

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  • LEVEL: Beginner
  • CATEGORY: Introduction to spoken French

"Master Spoken French" Program - Level 01

French Vocabulary and Pronunciation

  • Sound French (even to the French!): Modern spoken French vocabulary and pronunciation 101
  • Stop sounding like a textbook and start using vocabulary, pronunciation and grammar from the 21st century. For example, stop using the unnecessary "ne" in negation.
  • Understand French slang (incl. swear words) and how to use it (and when to use polite French instead). For all ages, this isn't "youth" French - it's real spoken French.
  • Gain confidence and respect by speaking French like French people do. You understand AND are understood (at last).
  • Train your ear to real spoken French by listening to recordings of articulated vs real (fast) spoken French dialogues. Stop relying on slow artificial CD French.

Opening Soon

  • LEVEL: Beginner/Intermediate
  • CATEGORY: Spoken French

"Master Spoken French" Program - Level 02

French Conversation with Confidence

  • Speak French with confidence in real life (yes, even outside the classroom)
  • Hold any French conversation with confidence, using secret scripts from real life. It's magic!
  • Don't worry about your mistakes! No more awkward pauses and shame. You know exactly what to expect so the words you need are at the tip of your tongue.
  • No need to switch back to English anymore. You know the rules, the customs and the phrases to keep speaking French in any conversation.
  • This program is designed as Level 2 of the "Master Spoken French" curriculum, but can be taken solo if you spent at least one year in France (i.e. you know the rules of modern spoken French).


  • LEVEL: Intermediate
  • CEFR LEVEL: B1-C1 +
  • CATEGORY: Spoken French

"Master Spoken French" Program - Level 03

Subtle French for Fitting In

  • Speak French like an adult, feel included in any conversation, and make French friends easily
  • Master the rules of communication in French so you know what to say, when and to whom. Secret tip: you are probably being accidentally rude, right now. Oops!
  • Become truly fluent by using the subtle French people use when you're not listening, including "wrong" grammar, hesitations, slang, debates, arguments and delicate situations.
  • Witness how French people's conversations evolve over time as French improv actors show you exactly what to say and do at each stage of your relationship.
  • This program is designed as Level 3 of the "Master Spoken French" curriculum, but can be taken solo if you've been living in France for at least 5 years. (i.e. you can speak French with confidence in any everyday situation)


  • LEVEL: Intermediate
  • CEFR LEVEL: B1-C1 +
  • CATEGORY: Oral Comprehension

Everyday French Conversations

Conversations with my (real life) friends in Grenoble

  • Understand normal (fast) spoken French: The "100% real conversation" course
  • Train your ear by being a fly on the wall while I chat with my most interesting friends in real-life settings (café, restaurant, parc, home...)
  • Understand the subtle, non-explicit meanings of French words, expressions and entire phrases you never caught before using my commented transcripts.
  • Leave your textbook French behind once and for all with this vibrant, fresh, authentic learning material. You'll be shocked by how different real French conversation is from your CDs.
  • Speak French with confidence by knowing that French people make mistakes in French too - they don't care about yours!


  • LEVEL: All
  • CEFR LEVEL: A2-C1 +
  • CATEGORY: Oral Comprehension, Modern French Culture

Exercise your French

Learn. Test yourself. Remember longer.

  • Catch up on the fundamentals of French culture, customs and history... and test yourself with quizzes
  • Learn the basic knowledge that all French people have but never share with expats: our history, culture, traditions, children's fairy tales...
  • Remember everything for longer by testing your knowledge immediately, with sixty tests you can take, skip or retake!
  • Boost your oral comprehension from beginner to expert listener in no time thanks to our 3 integrated levels in each lesson.
  • This program covers all the fundamentals of French culture in short French lectures. Perfect for passionate francophiles who don't visit France as much as they'd like.


  • LEVEL: All
  • CEFR LEVEL: A2-C1 +
  • CATEGORY: Oral Comprehension, Modern French Culture

Test Your Conjugation (Intermediate)


  • Finally understand French conjugation with to-the-point yet comprehensive video & written lessons specifically selected for your level of French
  • Test and score yourself with quizzes and tests for each lesson that prove you’re making progress
  • Focus on the most important and useful conjugations an intermediate learner should know, with conjugations that are “low hanging fruit” but still challenging
  • String together your own French sentences for a wide variety of situations using the correct French conjugations that have always escaped you
  • Learn in a way that sticks with master quizzes and PDF corrections, so you can be 100% sure you’re getting things right

Open Now

  • LEVEL: Intermediate
  • CEFR LEVEL: B1-C1 +
  • CATEGORY: Modern French Culture

Le Salon de Géraldine

My monthly program with live group sessions and corrected homework

  • Stay up to date with French culture with my weekly insights on current French news
  • Keep up to date with French current affairs, language and pop culture
  • Discover gems of French culture with my "coups de coeur" (favorite thing) of the week
  • Fix your mistakes with my personalized live feedback on your homework.
  • This is my only live program. I've witnessed extraordinary progress from students participating by reviewing their homework week after week.


  • LEVEL: Intermediate
  • CEFR LEVEL: B1-C1 +
  • CATEGORY: Spoken French, Modern French Culture

Insider French: cheese, wine and spoken French

A "delicious" program featuring food tasting expert Coralie Lerasle

  • Embrace the French "joie de vivre": conversation tips and insider knowledge around French cuisine.
  • Finally enjoy long table conversation around a meal in France. You'll understand better and know exactly what to say.
  • Dive into your passion for French food: bread etiquette, best cheeses, organic wines... Discover the real secrets of French culture.
  • Speak "French food" as fluently as you speak "French language" and see French people opening up to you like never before.
  • Don't ever be fooled by fake French food again. Learn how to identify, choose and enjoy French cuisine like a pro.



Introduction to spoken French
Spoken French
Oral Comprehension
Modern French Culture



Complete Beginner



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