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Feeling the frustration of always reusing the same old words you learned in high school? Don't worry, it's normal -...

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Bonjour !

What are some practical tips you can use today to practice smarter?
How can you prepare your trip to France?

Here’s an overview of some of the most devious difficulties in the French language.


To improve your French vocabulary, here is another episode that’s all in French! You can enable the subtitles on the...

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French expressions and colloquial idioms are fun! And they’re very useful in your everyday speech. You can talk ab...

We picked the 17 best questions from the live Q&A to celebrate Comme une Française’s 6th anniversary. :)

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French adverbs like “du coup” can look complicated. Because they are!

By the way, what’s this word “coup,” e...

We've gathered the 7 strangest and weirdest-sounding French words. Learn their meanings & pronunciations. And yes it includes the French word for weirdo.

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“Cuisiner” (cooking) is a great way to get into French culture! In this episode, we are featuring 5 simple, tast...

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Mastering the sounds of the French vowels is very important as they make up the words we use in our speech. That's w...

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