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Bonjour !

It helps if you correctly know how to pronounce the names of the airports in France such as the Paris-Charles-de-Gau...

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Useful French phrases & advice to help you survive any French conversation: when expressing agreement, a joke, when greeting someone & other situations.


Pain au chocolat or chocolatine?
Yaourt or Yogourt?
How do you say "persil"?

Today, we'll talk about Regional Fre...

Different ways to use Passer in the French language with examples of french phrases and sentences so you can use them in different situations.

Learn the English words used in the French that have different meanings! We call them Faux Amis or False Friends. This lesson is useful when learning french.

Get to know Paris through a fun and insightful interview with David Lebovitz shares his personal experiences & realisations when he moved to Paris, France.

“An” and “année” both means "a year". Learn the differences of the most common French pair words & how you can pronounce them like a native French!

Geri Metz, a master the French language joins our episode to share her experiences, ideas & tips for English speakers to improve their French pronunciation.

French people love their pets. The most common are dogs, cats, fish & hamster. New to France? Learn about owning a pet and how you can keep them happy!

In 5 minutes, you'll learn what French people usually eat or drink for breakfast. And french phrases or expressions you can use when bonding over breakfast.

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