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Don’t speak French very well? Say it!

Learning French is a loooong process. It is not easy. And you will have hard times. BUT don’t let important information pass you by! When you ask a question to the paediatrician, the head teacher or the butcher, but don’t understand a single word of

Calling your French friend Julie

The phone is such a problem for so many of you. 🙂 This subject comes back a lot. You can’t see the person you are talking to, French speak too fast, you understand nothing… Well. Part true. But instead of freaking out and sticking to

Record your answering machine message in French

A 15 seconds message can take hours to record. These are ready to use French scripts for yours. Easy. And as I know you might be stressed by leaving a message after the tone, here are the scripts as well. Enjoy! Your answering machine message

How is the weather today?

Good weather Il fait (super) beau! It’s a beautiful day. On crève de chaud (familier). Il fait (très/super) chaud. We are boiling. It’s hot. Bad weather Il ne fait pas beau. The weather is bad. Il pleut. / Il flotte. (familier) / Il pleut des

What to say in the lift

When you are in the lift in France, with your charming old French neighboor with white hair, you have no idea, what you are supposed to tell her. So you stay mute and watch the ceiling or your boots. She thinks you’re deaf or mute,

How to go to the gym in France?

How do you call it? The first step is to find a « salle de sport » next to your home. The best is a recommandation of a friend, of course. Next, Google and You can either call them « une salle » ou « un club » with « de

Book review: Stuff Parisians like

Stuff Parisians like, by Olivier Magny, 2011. Summary 110 cultural facts about Parisians. As a former Parisian, I can certify that it is 100% true and hilarious. From the love of « caramel au beurre salé » to the complex relationship status, read Stuff Parisians like and

How would you write a postcard?

You’ve bought a postcard from Nice and now, it’s time to write to your French colleague Diane. Well. What will say? How will you phrase it? Sitting in a café, you could ask your neighbour. No. Let’s write it together. A postcard in 1 phrase

End a meal « like a frenchie »

End of a traditional French dinner. It’s not even Christmas or Easter. It’s not even a Sunday lunch. A normal dinner with French friends. You’ve eaten so much your brain is off. All the words are gone. How will you say « I loved it! » or

«Double Your Frenchness» Crash Course

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