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Bonjour !

You already know the basics: “Bonjour”, “Je m’appelle”...

But what if you’re in a situation where you want some...

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Make new friends as you walk or when you're walking your dog! Use these french conversation scripts to make small talks in French when you meet strangers.

There is the proper French language. There is the vulgar French language, with swear words etc. Then there’s the middle ground–popular language, common slang, neither proper nor rude. The words we actually use the most: French for everyday life. Today I want to show you a few of these most common words!

Mobile phones and texts gave rise to new abbreviations in written French for everyday life. You’ll find them in social media, or any digitally written communication. Which abbreviations What do they mean? How can you use them? Today, let’s talk about the French SMS language.

Bonjour !

Must, need and want are three notions that are often intertwined.

In French, their use and translation differ sli...

Bonjour !

The first French word many people ever learn: bonjour ! It looks simple - but is hiding more subtleties than you exp...

Bonjour !

Underrated difficulty of French language: some words look like they should be opposites... but aren’t.

There, the...

Bonjour !

“Happy are those who, knowing the value of a sweet life of tranquillity, rests their heart in the midst of their o...

Bonjour !

Restaurants are one of French people’s favorite places.

Some of our customs and habits there can feel confusing, t...

Bonjour !

Some French words mean their own opposite. Isn’t that fascinating?

Depending on the context, you might end up acci...

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