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Bonjour !

In the early days of January, we take out the cardboard crowns and choose a new king or queen.

France doesn’t ha...

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Bonjour !

Some words are missing in English. For instance, the Inuit word “Iktsuarpok” means “to keep looking outside wi...

Bonjour !

Despite the hard work of “l’Académie française”, French language is still incomplete.

And it’s hurting our abil...

Bonjour !

Some French slang sounds disgusting–especially when you try to translate it literally.

They’re colourful (but m...

Bonjour !

Today we’ll talk about time, grammar, and the grammar of time.

The English language uses “since” and “for,€..

Bonjour !

Like a USB pet rock or our pinky toes, some French words look useless—yet they’re used every day.

They don’t nee...

Bonjour !

Greetings are useful to know!

You use them in small talk and long discussions alike, you can ace a first impressio...

Bonjour !

Let me help you make small talk in French!

Practice your French on the spot, break the ice, make new connections...

Salut !

There are many different occasions when you want to wish someone else good fortune – or to celebrate a happy moment...

Salut !

Some people still use their phones to actually call each other. When you don’t speak the language fluently, it’s o...

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