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How to order a pizza in French

I had the idea for the article from a reader. And this is such a good idea. Comme une Française is not about French clichés, it’s about real life in France. And this includes ordering a pizza after a long day of work. This is

A better life in France in 10 posts

Salut ! As I was in Brazil last week, I thought « Hey, I’m just like my readers right now! ». And asked myself tons of questions such as: – What if I was sick? I see the pharmacies all around me… But what about a doctor?

Don’t be fooled by French food clichés

As a reader of Comme une Française, you are looking for real French advice about France. And it’s my duty to give the accurate, real, sometimes painful truth about my country. Not clichés to sell you food, stripped shirts or wine tastings. As I was

The true meaning of the French "non"

When a French person says « no », she often means « yes ». This idea came to me while talking to Aisha. It is SO good to talk to expats: you give me awesome subjects for posts. All these little things are so obvious to me (and to

3 ways to easily improve your French grammar and conjugation

While improving your French vocabulary, and getting a better and better pronunciation, you wonder : “Is this adjective supposed to appear before or after the noun? Should I say Quelle ou Qu’elle ?” And all this kind of tricky questions. And as you know, Comme

How your birth sign can give you confidence to speak French

Not everybody has fixed hours each week to sit down and learn French. You have little time to dedicate to improving your French and want results now. All this without the boring methods and lists of vocabulary to learn by heart. 90% of the words

How to avoid these 5 double-meaning verbs traps

This morning, I was having a cup of coffee with Jana from Berlin. We talked about double meanings in French. How 2 letters can make a verb go from « formal » to « super rude ». I planned to write an article on this for you. To avoid

Ever dreamed of a wedding in France?

I often have questions about traditions in France. And as I went to a wedding this summer, I brought you a present. Answers to be fully ready when you are invited to a wedding in France. Le faire-part You are notified of the wedding day

7 clichés about France

I’ve heard so many things about France while living abroad and reading expat blogs that I wanted to give you the truth about 7 clichés about France. 🙂 So you never sounds like a tourist, more like a real French expert. Bastille Day First, there

Bonjour, une baguette s’il vous plaît !

The boulangerie is at the heart of French culture. French can drive miles for a good baguette. And you can spot the best boulangeries by the waiting line on Sunday mornings. I always tell my foreign visitors to try everything in the boulangeries: breads, viennoiseries

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