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How to Say Happy Birthday in French

It is very simple and always the same: Joyeux anniversaire ! or Bon anniversaire ! Both mean “Happy birthday” in French. Here”s how you say it properly.

Don’t stay sick! Ask the pharmacist!

Have you ever been sick in a foreign country? Me too! And I remember very well my embarrassment while explaining my symptoms to the pharmacist You know what I’m talking about… The symptoms you don’t want the 10 people in the waiting line to know

Kiss or shake hands? Part 2: It can change!

Last tuesday, I published part 1 of this article. I receive lots of questions about « Should I kiss or shake hands? », and I usually refer people to the free video Present yourself in France available when you subscribe to Comme une Française newsletter (it is

How to Buy Makeup in France

Ever felt clueless in a Sephora? Not being able to ask for what you wanted? It hurts! It happened to me a lot. So here are the basics you will need to be « la plus belle ». Make up Let’s become the prettiest girl ever. No

Formal phrases for formal occasions

You don’t always talk to comprehensive French friends in cafes and restaurant. Sometimes, it’s cocktail time, office dinner time or meet-my-boyfriend’s-family time. Relax, breathe, read. And you’ll amaze them all with your delicate phrases and your charming accent. Here are the phrases you can use

13 Phrases to Use with Your French Boyfriend

Dating or marrying a French, when you don’t speak French very well is often the “worst” way to learn the language. Why? Because SO many of you take the easy path of speaking English with him! Yes, you know I’m talking to you, girl. It

Present yourself to French people

As I tell you in the free video Present yourself, you must master your presentation. Prepare and practice. It is the best way to make friends. Allez ! Don’t be shy. Present yourself! Say your name, Marie Formal. In front of an audience or in

Don’t speak French very well? Say it!

Learning French is a loooong process. It is not easy. And you will have hard times. BUT don’t let important information pass you by! When you ask a question to the paediatrician, the head teacher or the butcher, but don’t understand a single word of

Calling your French friend Julie

The phone is such a problem for so many of you. 🙂 This subject comes back a lot. You can’t see the person you are talking to, French speak too fast, you understand nothing… Well. Part true. But instead of freaking out and sticking to

«Double Your Frenchness» Crash Course

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