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How to Learn French: My Top Tips

Wondering how to learn French easily at home? I’m sharing all my top tips for learning French, no matter your level…

Practical Tips to Improve Your French

Bonjour ! « How can I improve my French easily? » This is a question I hear A LOT. 🙂 And when I discovered Damon and Jo’s videos on YouTube, it was obvious: I HAD to invite them on Comme une Française TV. Today, they’ll share with

French Swearing: How to Swear Without Being Rude

Coucou, Have you ever read posts or watched videos recommending you to use Putain and Merde in French? To « sound » more French? Well. To be honest, it is one of the worst tips I’ve ever read online. Why? Because swearing sounds even more rude in

5 FAKE French Expressions to Avoid

Wondering if we actually use those “French” expressions in French? “Brunette” or “allons-y”? These expressions are actually only used in English…

12 Common French Gestures

Bonjour ! While living in England, I discovered how gestures are important. Mainly by making mistakes. A language is not only words but also gestures and facial expressions. And a gesture is usually understood on its own. People get it straight away. So if you

Cultural Differences: How to Scare the Hell Out of a French Person

Salut ! Today, we’ll cover precisely the kind of topic you come to Comme une Française for. Deep insight on France and French people that only a local can reveal. Delivered with kindness and honesty. Never judgmental. Today’s video is about “How to frighten a

«Double Your Frenchness» Crash Course

Enroll in in my free 10-lesson crash course that has helped thousands like you DOUBLE their Everyday French in 10 Days.