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Cultural differences: How to scare the hell out of a French person

Salut !

Today, we’ll cover precisely the kind of topic you come to Comme une Française for.
Deep insight on France and French people that only a local can reveal.
Delivered with kindness and honesty. Never judgmental.

Today’s video is about “How to frighten a French person”: or, what foreign habits you have that will unsettle them.
And might frighten them without your even being aware of it.

Note: Please remember before we start that this video is here is help you be aware of cultural differences,
not to force you to change who you are.

Click to watch « Cultural differences: How to scare the hell out of a French person »:

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Et toi ?

Have you ever heard of those unspoken rules?
Does it explain something about French behaviours around you?

The comment section is the best area to start discussions and ask questions!

A tout de suite dans les commentaires,


PS: I felt very vulnerable while preparing this video as it’s very straightforward and honest. Not something you see on many blogs around. So I was worried about the reaction to its message. What kept me going and telling you this is the true relief I’ve seen in the eyes of expats when I gave all these pieces of advice. You deserve them too.

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