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The days of the week in French

Learn the French days of week – what they are and how to pronounce them – in this free French lesson

5 French Expressions

Learn 5 Easy French Expressions (lesson in French)

A free French lesson on easy French expressions: “avoir un chat dans la gorge”, “faire d’une pierre deux coups”… Learn how to use them in everyday conversation, and practice your understanding, in this episode that’s all in French!

Bloopers 2

Bonjour ! Filming an episode isn’t as smooth as it looks. 🙂 And I swear sometimes… Have fun!

Comme une Française meets French with Alexa

Bonjour ! Today, we have a guest! It’s Alexa from French with Alexa. 🙂 She’ll share her favorite French childhood books, places and pastries. I’m glad to welcome Alexa on Comme une Française as she’s a very popular and talented French teacher and you’ll learn

Joyeux Noël !

Coucou ! I decided to bring you back to my parents’ home for Christmas. 🙂

«Double Your Frenchness» Crash Course

Enroll in in my free 10-lesson crash course that has helped thousands like you DOUBLE their Everyday French in 10 Days.