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French Grammar – Le Futur Proche

Master French grammar with my free French lessons. In this lesson, we look at “le futur proche”, or the French near future tense, including how and when to use it.

French Sayings Involving Fruits

Learn some popular French sayings that involve French fruit names — from pommes (apples) to poires (pears) — with this free French lesson.

French Culture & Vocabulary: Flea Markets (Brocante)

Visiting a French flea market (in Paris or beyond) and curious about the French vocabulary and cultural cues to expect? This lesson will show you the exciting world of ‘la brocante’ and its place in French culture.

La Petite Souris: Learn about French culture

If you’re interested in French culture, you need to know about la petite souris – the French tooth fairy! Learn more about this fascinating part of French folklore in this free French lesson.

5 French Expressions About Bread

Learn some common French expressions about bread, an important part of French culture. Perfect for intermediate and advanced learners who want to sound more like a native French speaker, even to the French!

L’appel du 18 juin – Free French Resources

Learn more about 18 juin 1940, a historic day in French history, and access some free French resources related to l’appel du 18 juin, in this all-French lesson. Ideal for intermediate and advanced French learners.

«Double Your Frenchness» Crash Course

Enroll in in my free 10-lesson crash course that has helped thousands like you DOUBLE their Everyday French in 10 Days.