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Facial Expressions: Speaking French Without Words

Bonjour ! Following your enthusiasm about the French gestures (click here to watch the video), I’ve decided to go further, with an explanation of French facial expressions. You’ll learn how to say « I’m bored », « you’re crazy », « I don’t believe you »… without using a single word.

How to Say Your Phone Number in French

Salut ! Imagine this: a great opportunity comes your way: you have the chance of winning an all expenses paid scholarship to Paris for a year. Financed by the French embassy. All you have to do is leave your contact details, in French, including of

13 Phrases to Use with your Partner in French

Coucou ! Valentine’s Day was last week and now life is back to normal. In French, we call this « la routine » or « métro boulot dodo ». Why not spice things up again by adding a little French to your relationship? If you

How to survive Christmas in France: French phrases for dinner

Bonjour bonjour, Joyeux Noël ! In France, we celebrate Christmas today and tomorrow: on the evening of the 24th and on the 25th at lunchtime. At both meals, you’ll be stuck for hours with a group of loud, fast-talking French people. That’s a HUGE comprehension

3 ways to wish a merry Christmas in French

Coucou, It’s Christmas time! It will soon be the moment to wish all your loved ones a Joyeux Noël. The phrases you’ll use in French to wish a Joyeux Noël to your colleagues, your friends or your family are not the same. How do we

How to politely ask for help in French

When you’re in France, sometimes, you encounter problems. Not necessarily big ones. I’m talking about small ones. Small annoying ones. Where you’d happily welcome a helping hand. A little help from a local. How can you politely ask for help using the appropriate, well-constructed sentence

How to ask a French friend for news

When you’re with French friends, you SEE the importance of greeting. Around you, they kiss or shake hands, they say hello, ask for news. THEN the conversation can start. It’s a crucial step in the French culture. And YOU want to be part of it.

French wishes: how to say good luck in France

Salut c’est Géraldine! Ca va ? When your French neighbour Pierre tells you about an important event of life -sickness, exam, holidays or even his wedding rehearsal-… you want to show your enthusiasm and say « good luck Pierre! ». In French. Aïe (it means Ouch). Do

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