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How to transform a “non” into a “oui”

Salut, Ca va super ? When a French person says “no”, she often means “yes”. Ouch. A false “non” is a polite habit. We honour our guest or our friend or a stranger by saying “I can do it myself” but help is of course

Saying « bonjour » twice: don’t make this expat mistake

Bonjour, Tu vas bien ? In the UK, US, Australia, Canada… when you meet a person for the second time during the day you just say , “hi” or “hello”. But in France, saying bonjour several times is super rude. Maybe you didn’t know and

How to start a conversation in French

Bonjour, Have you ever ended up stuck in a « Ca va? » « Ca va bien et vous? » conversation? Where you don’t know how to articulate phrases of more than 3 words? When you’d really love to connect with the person in front of you? YES! And

5 steps to speak with a French person

Have you ever thought « Oh my god, Parisians speak SO fast! I’m not ready for this.» ? If you’ve already been to France, that answer should be yes. And that’s fine. It takes time to understand French. Here is the good news. Either you assume

The true meaning of the French "non"

When a French person says « no », she often means « yes ». This idea came to me while talking to Aisha. It is SO good to talk to expats: you give me awesome subjects for posts. All these little things are so obvious to me (and to

How your birth sign can give you confidence to speak French

Not everybody has fixed hours each week to sit down and learn French. You have little time to dedicate to improving your French and want results now. All this without the boring methods and lists of vocabulary to learn by heart. 90% of the words

How to Say Happy Birthday in French

It is very simple and always the same: Joyeux anniversaire ! or Bon anniversaire ! Both mean “Happy birthday” in French. Here”s how you say it properly.

Formal phrases for formal occasions

You don’t always talk to comprehensive French friends in cafes and restaurant. Sometimes, it’s cocktail time, office dinner time or meet-my-boyfriend’s-family time. Relax, breathe, read. And you’ll amaze them all with your delicate phrases and your charming accent. Here are the phrases you can use

Present yourself to French people

As I tell you in the free video Present yourself, you must master your presentation. Prepare and practice. It is the best way to make friends. Allez ! Don’t be shy. Present yourself! Say your name, Marie Formal. In front of an audience or in

Don’t speak French very well? Say it!

Learning French is a loooong process. It is not easy. And you will have hard times. BUT don’t let important information pass you by! When you ask a question to the paediatrician, the head teacher or the butcher, but don’t understand a single word of

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