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How to Say Happy Birthday in French

It is very simple and always the same: Joyeux anniversaire ! or Bon anniversaire ! Both mean “Happy birthday” in French. Here”s how you say it properly.

Get well soon: how to wish a swift recovery in French

Salut Comment ça va ? Sometimes, a friend is sick and you want to wish her « get well soon ». In French. So you try « J’espère que tu vas mieux bientôt »: a grammatical nightmare (don’t use this phrase, it’s wrong). But she gets it, smiles and

In the lift in France: What to say

Salut, Ca va ? When you are in the lift in France, with your charming old French neighbour with white hair, what do you tell her? You have NO idea! So you stay mute and watch the ceiling or your boots. She thinks you’re deaf

French sorry: how to apologize in French

Salut ! You know, in the street in Paris, when you bump into somebody. The first word that comes to your mind is « sorry ». If you speak a little bit of French, you say « pardon ». That’s easy. Even if the « on » sound is tricky. ????

How to say “I don’t like this” in French

Salut ! We talked in a previous video of this feeling of being like a 5 year-old when we speak a foreign language. When you’re having a conversation with a French person in a café, you want to be able to express yourself like the

How to compliment your French host about the dinner

Imagine this: You just finished a French dinner. It’s not even Christmas or Easter with never-ending dishes. Just a normal dinner with French friends, on a Friday night. You’re probably full. And it was delicious. How do you compliment the cook, in French? How do

How to say “non” in French

Bonjour ! Last week, we talked about how frustrating it was to only be able to say « Oui » and « Non ». In English, you can answer yes, no and all that’s in between. In French, you feel like 5 year old. So following last week’s episode

How to talk about your husband in French

Bonjour ! Ca va super ? Do you have a boyfriend? a partner? A husband? A wife? Whether he’s (or SHE) French or not, it’s kind of useful to be able to include him in the conversation. In English, you use “my husband” or “Michael”.

How to connect with a stranger – in French

Bonjour ! Do you know this feeling of being stuck in a conversation? You want to connect with the person in front of you and the only vocabulary you have is « Ça va ? »? SO frustrating. You’d like to ask them about their dreams, their

How to start a conversation in French (part 1)

Have you ever ended up stuck in a “Ca va?” “Oui, et vous?” « Ca va. » conversation? Where you don’t know how to articulate phrases of more than 3 words? When you’d really love to connect with the person in front of you? YES! And you

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