What Happens on “Le 1er Mai” in France

Salut !

This week, it’s le 1er mai. Le 1er mai is la fête du travail and we… don’t work.
It’s a day off. Shops are closed, supermarkets are closed, public transport stops…
There are demonstrations in the streets and we receive flowers.

Oh, and even though it’s called “La fête du Travail,” we don’t wish people “Joyeuse fête du travail”
but just call it “Le 1er mai.” Like “le 11 novembre”.

Et toi ?

Have you ever spent a 1er mai in France?

What did you see on this special day?

Gros bisous et à tout de suite dans les commentaires !


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  • In the U.S., we take the first Mnday in September off, Labor Day. We get a three-day week-end and all stores are open with sales.
    It is not as festive as Le 1er Mai, I like better. The peaceful marches are great! I think I will start sending flowers on May 1st.

  • It is not a “fête” day, it is a day of worker’s union and manifestation at the international level 🙂
    It has been puted “férié” because there were too much manifestations…

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