From tourist to local in France


Today, you’ll discover nice stories of French folklore and wonderful places in Paris and in France.

How? We welcome Janine from The Good Life in France. She’s a true France expert,
and someone I’ve been wanting to invite for months… 🙂


Please note that due to internet issues, Janine’s voice is very soft. Please use headphones and increase the volume accordingly.

Janine’s website: The Good Life in France
The Good Life in France Magazine (free)
The video we mention: Never say bonjour twice

Et toi ?

Do you have a nice fact about France to share?
Or a favorite place?

I’m SURE you do! ????


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  • I want to go to the tomato festival in Marmande this year. Also, close by is Agen museum which is free on the first Sunday of each month.

  • My husband is disabled and we took his wheelchair on our trip to Paris last summer .It was a wonderful experience . Everyone was so kind and helpful from the waitress who helped lift the chair into her restaurant , to the guides at L’opera who went out of their way to help us find special elevators . Also entrance to museums is free for the disabled and their companions. My husband loved our time in Paris and wants to return.

  • I, too, love Les Catacombs in Paris. It demonstrates, among other things, the inherent artistic nature of the French people. As an expressive arts therapist, I try to tell people that art is found (and created) everywhere, and this place proves that point beautifully.

  • There are lots of great places all over France – the north has lots of WW2 sites, museums and interesting historical sites like Agincourt & Crecy. I particularly like Reims & Arras. Champagne and Calvados, Isigny butter and the local cheeses – nom!

    In the centre there are wonderful places around Clermont Ferrand / Issoire / Puy – little villages where you rarely see a non local like St Front. I know a particularly nice little creperie in Ambert!

    In the south, Provence is beautiful as are the Alps, between Pau and Lourdes there is the Grotte de Betharam – well worth a visit but I would stay away from Lourdes! Incredibly touristy and full of cheap mementos.

    One thing I would say is don’t go on appearances – we have had some wonderful meals in station cafes and a pizzeria in a cellar – but one thing the French don’t seem to do well is mass catering 8-(

  • Hello everybody
    The comments are back on the track! 🙂

    I have many, many favorite places in France, and some of them depends to some degree on timing. Fx if you want to visit Avignon, you should do it during the theatre festival, and visiting Montmartre is a lot of fun during the fête de vendange, the wine harvest festival.
    But if you want to hear the angels sing, sit down in the central square in Nuits-Saint-Georges in Bourgogne, and order boeuf bourguignon and a bottle of Nuits !!

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