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Bonjour !

In France, most first names have a day of the year dedicated to them: your Name Day.

It can make your day just a l...

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Bonjour !

In the early days of January, we take out the cardboard crowns and choose a new king or queen.

France doesn’t ha...

Bonjour !

On New Year’s Eve, we’ve all made it through one more year, alive, on our little rock speeding through space.

A wh...

Bonjour !

We’ve been waiting for this night for a whole month, and now it’s here!

The tree is glowing with joy and colored...

Bonjour !

The days are short and the nights are long.

People are buying trees, Santa Claus’ elves are making their last pr...

Bonjour !

Christmas is coming soon!

Many Christmas traditions have been secularized: Santa Claus, Christmas trees, presents...

Bonjour !

Discover prestigious places in a new light. Take a tour behind the scenes of places of power.

Find out what happe...

Bonjour !

The 14th of July, a day of French celebration.

A day to eat frog legs. To watch planes do loops in the sky.

A d...

Bonjour !

The sun comes out, summer starts rolling in, and the school year ends for a few weeks : it’s time for holidays !


Bonjour !

Since its creation in 1903 as an advertising event for a sports magazine, le Tour de France has become popular and i...

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