In the lift in France: What to say


Ca va ?

When you are in the lift in France, with your charming old French neighbour with white hair, what do you tell her?

You have NO idea!

So you stay mute and watch the ceiling or your boots. She thinks you’re deaf or mute, or very impolite. 🙂

Here comes Comme une Française TV with ready to use scripts of what French people say in the lift. As we say here in France “Ca ne s’invente pas!”.

Click to watch « What to say in the lift in France « :

Erratum: monter = going up et descendre = going down I say the opposite in the video.

Et toi ?
Your French will improve ONLY when you take action on what you learn on Comme une Française TV.

What expression will you use next time you’re in a lift in France?
Have you already used one of them? Or heard?

Share your experience by leaving a comment below this video :
It’s the best area to start discussions and ask questions!

Allez, salut !


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  • Bonjour,

    I am taking grammar lessons this year at the University in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada., and would like to know how I can remember all the grammar? If you have any ideas or games that I can practice before september for my class, it would be truly appreciated.

    Maggie Laramee

    • Hi Maggie,
      A good idea would be to identify grammar rules in French programs, movies or blogs.
      You can then see how grammar applies in real life.

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