How to say “non” in French

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Last week, we talked about how frustrating it was to only be able to say « Oui » and « Non ». In English, you can answer yes, no and all that’s in between. In French, you feel like 5 year old.

So following last week’s episode of Comme une Française TV on « oui », you’ll discover 10 ways to nuance your « Non ».

Click to watch « How to say « non » in French »:

What about you?
How do you say « non » when a simple « non » doesn’t fit the situation?
How do you say non politely/categorically/nicely?

[highlight type= »light »]Tell me in the comments what nuances in English you can’t find in French?[/highlight]

Oh, by the way, if you missed last week video on « oui », click here to watch it now. I shared 10 ways to say « oui » in French.


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  • Hi Geraldine, I love the ways to say yes and no – thank you! I can’t tell the difference between the pronunciation of non and nan, I think I might have been saying nan when I should have said non! Help!

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