Type Your Text Here: SMS Language in French

Bonjour !

Mobile phones and texts gave rise to new abbreviations in written French for everyday life.

You’ll find them in social media, or any digitally written communication.

Which abbreviations?
What do they mean?
How can you use them?

Today, let’s talk about the French SMS language.

5 easy expression that will help you pass for French

Et toi ?

Have you already seen these abbreviations?

Did you ever see a French abbreviation online that’s still puzzling you?

What’s your favorite word in your own SMS language?

Bonne journée,


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  • Bonjour Geraldine!

    Je voulais juste dire merci beaucoup pour vos vidéos! Ils sont très utiles pour moi car je fais de mon mieux pour améliorer mon français 🙂

  • I wish you had a Patreon account. I’m not ready to sign up for courses. But I would still like to compensate you for the marvelous videos you produce.

  • Thank you once again. But like you, I would rather use the complete word. But now, if I see these at least I can try to decipher them.

  • as ever, a super-useful video lesson Géraldine! ???????? some of my favourites en anglais are gr8, b4, btw, omg, imho and lol … but i try to use them sparingly … and tend to write most of my messages full-out ???? I would love to learn more of the french equivalents to these … I use svp and I’ve seen many of the others but not them …

    • There are no equivalent as these words wouldn’t translate in the same manner.

      gr8 = super
      b4 = avant
      btw = au fait
      omg = Mon dieu (mais l’usage est tellement différent qu’on écrit OMG en français aussi)
      imho = n’existe pas.
      lol = mdr

  • This will be a very practical video for many people and the transcript is wonderful. As usual, very clever and enjoyable Geraldine!

  • how do you do HAHA? It is like LOL but more the laugh you are doing because it is funny. In Spanish it is jeje

  • je utilise 1. Bjr-Bonjour 2. slt-Salut 3. MC/mcb-Merci beaucoup 4. AuR- Au revoir 5. cdt-Cordialement 6. Pt – Putain etc.

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