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Bonjour, c’est Géraldine. Bienvenue sur Comme une Française !

By now, if you’ve been following my lessons, you’ve been learning modern French for a while with Comme une Française. Now it’s a brand new year, you have new learning goals, and you want to know what else we have to offer French learners like you.

Well, let’s see how you can improve your French this year!

In this lesson, you’ll find my best tools to help you learn modern French, tailored to your own level and needs.

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C’est parti !

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1) Everyday French Crash Course (free)

Everyday French Crash Course is my most popular course. It’s for all levels, it’s free, and you can get it right now !

It’s a 10-day mini-course by email. Every day during 10 days, you’ll get a new lesson right in your inbox. It’s a fun way to learn a little more French every day, sans engagement (=without any commitment on your part).

The lessons focus on 3 wide topics:

  • Le français parlé du quotidien = Everyday spoken French → The actual grammar French people use, the shortcuts we take when we speak, some slang/colloquial vocabulary, how to tell a joke…
  • La culture française = French culture → Our cultural references, pop culture, funniest movies you’ve never heard of…
  • Les traditions françaises = French traditions → The rules around French food, the best dishes you can buy, French customs that no one will explain to you…

Get my Everyday French Crash Course by subscribing on the Comme une Française homepage.

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2) Tuesday lessons by email (free)

After you complete the 10-day mini-course, I can keep in touch with you (if you want ;).)
Every Tuesday, I’ll send you a special email where we’ll talk about the week’s lesson.

Why subscribe?

  • It’s a free weekly reading practice → I write you in French, and I give you 3 French words to remember each week.
  • I’ll send extra free guides → Recently, I added free guides on “how to learn French as an adult” and “How to understand fast spoken French” – with exclusive videos, tips and useful sentences.
  • A little something extra → You’ll receive my best offers, discounts and program bonuses – and you can unsubscribe anytime, with one simple click (there’s a link to do it at the bottom of every email.)

And finally: It’s free!

Even if my mum thinks the lessons are too good to be free 🙂 Sorry mum.

3) Master spoken French (3 steps)

Free lessons are great, but they cover too much for you, and they take too long.
You want something more goal-oriented: a plan to really improve.

That’s why I created the 3-step program Master spoken French.
It will help you all along your learning journey, from “I remember some French from high school” (levels A2-B1) all the way up to “I’m afraid I speak too much like a book, and I have to ask the meaning for colloquial words French people use.” (levels B1-C1+)

The three courses are all à la fois en français et en anglais (= both in French and in English.), so you can listen to a French conversation and then read its transcript in English.

First step: French Vocabulary & Pronunciation
This course will teach you the basics of modern spoken French. It’s NOT “Youth” French, with slang and rude words – instead, you’ll get the colloquial “shortcuts” French people take with grammar, the most common sentences in any conversation, and a plan to nail down your pronunciation.

And it’s open now!
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Second step: French Conversation with Confidence
This course will give you la confiance en vous (= self-confidence) to speak French with anyone, thanks to our secret everyday conversation scripts.

You can go a long way with a handful of scripts, and they’ll give you the structure and confidence to get better.

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Third step: Subtle French for Fitting In
Speak French like an adult!
This course covers all our most subtle social rules in conversations. And how they change as you know a person more!
It’s for advanced students who want to be challenged, make French friends, and avoid being accidentally rude*.

*(It happens all the time, but at some point the “I’m just learning!” excuse won’t really work anymore.)

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Those three steps can be taken independently.
I open Step 2 (French Conversation with Confidence) and Step 3 (Subtle French for fitting in) once a year.

4) Everyday French Conversations

Understand fast spoken French with Everyday French Conversations. This course is designed to improve your oral comprehension of modern, everyday French.

Everyday French Conversations is based on 100% real conversations between me and my friends. We talk about different, real-life topics, in different settings from everyday life: at home, in my favorite park, in a nice restaurant… And they’re all recorded and transcripted, just for you.

It’s all in French! This program gives you a challenge in a safe space.

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5) Le Salon de Géraldine (open for registration)

Le Salon de Géraldine is my favorite course!
It’s my ONLY live program. You can join me online twice a month for a live lesson – or watch any replay anytime you want.
And you’ll get weekly insights on French culture as it happens!

It’s all in French – so you can use it as an “immersion” tool.

During each live session, I’ll share with you my insider insights on French current affairs, movies, singers, or subtle cultural elements. It’s also my favorite way to share with my students: you can ask anything!

You’ll get some homework to improve. It’s optional, but it can help you a ton: the students who send me their corrected homework get the biggest improvements.

Le Salon can be a great companion program to any French learning program. Or it can be your weekly shot of French culture!

It’s also my cheapest program (29$/month only). And it’s currently open!

Click here to learn more about (or join) Le Salon de Géraldine

In the 17th and 18th centuries, les salons littéraires (= literary salons) were the place to be. Literary and philosophical movements were born in these private gathering for conversations. For instance they were a great influence on Les Lumières (= the Enlightenment.)

6) Exercise your French

Everything you need to know about French culture (and everyday life) – but didn’t know you should ask: Exercise Your French is my “French culture 101” course.

Catch up on the fundamentals of French culture, customs and history, and everyday scripts you can use. And test yourself with quizzes!

With Exercise Your French, you’ll learn the basic knowledge that all French people have but never share with expats: our history, culture, traditions, children’s fairy tales…

The program is designed for 3 levels of oral comprehension: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. And you have access to all three of them at all times!

Click here to learn more about Exercise Your French

7) Insider French

Insider French is my most delicious course!

It’s a “French cuisine and table manners 101” program.

With food tasting expert Coralie Le Rasle, we paired up to create an in-depth, practical, insightful course into French food.

Dive into your passion for French food: bread etiquette, best cheeses, organic wines… You will discover the real secrets of French culture – a way to make conversation, feel like an insider, and avoid being rude accidentally.

Learn all the table customs and “good manners.”
Finally know how to identify, choose and enjoy French cuisine like a pro.
And master French conversation around the table!

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Your turn now – ET TOI ?

What part of your French do you want to improve this year?

Tu peux répondre dans les commentaires sur le blog ! J’ai hâte de te lire 🙂

Par exemple, tu peux dire :
“This year, I want to improve my listening skills because I freeze when French people answer back to me in fast spoken French”

Je lis toutes les réponses sur le blog, et je te donnerai des clés pour t’améliorer!

And now:
→ If you enjoyed this lesson (and/or learned something new) – why not share this lesson with a francophile friend? You can talk about it afterwards! You’ll learn much more if you have social support from your friends 🙂

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Allez, salut. Bonne année 2019 🙂

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  • And so .. a new year begins. Très bien ~
    Géraldine, this is such a useful lesson where you’ve
    explained the reasoning behind your courses, and
    the forward progression of how they can be used
    to improve the student’s French. Excellent, excellent ..

    In my case it’s always been the comprehension of
    what’s being said to me in French when it comes
    back at speed and in “daily speak style”. Your courses
    are what we’ve been waiting for ! Thank you so so much,
    or should I say ~ merci, merci 🙂

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