Improve your French comprehension in 30 days


« Pleaaaaase make something all in French » you said. Ok!

This week, I’m offering you the chance to improve your French comprehension.
With a brand new Comme une Française course.

About the French we speak in the street, at home, with our friends.
The slang French that is very familiar and not always grammatically correct. For you.

Click to watch « Improve your French comprehension in 30 days »:

The course has reopened. Click here to join.

What to do now?

All you have to do is choose your pack and join this brand new Comme une Française course.
It’s time to move past those textbooks and speak French the way you’ve always wanted.

I’ll see you again after your checkout.

A tout de suite !


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  • I’m so sorry I missed this! Did I miss the one in March as well? I’m going to register for updates now…

    Shani x

  • Chère Géraldine!
    J’apprécie tellement ce petit cours ! Je le (j’en ?) partage chaque semaine avec mon mari.
    ‘Comme une Française’ – c’est un site à recommander vivement !
    Avec tous mes vœux de succès !

    • Bonjour Joyce,

      Je suis ravie que cela te serve. Ainsi qu’à ton mari ! 🙂
      “J’en partage un petit peu chaque semaine…” is perfect.

  • Geraldine,
    Je vous remercie pour la réponse detaillée! I will eagerly wait for my next chance.

  • Hello Geraldine,

    I tried to subscribe to your VIP Pak, but you are out of stock!!! Will you be offering the course again soon?
    J’espere bien!


    • Bonjour Debbie,

      Registration closed on Sunday 26th at 10PM (Paris Time), sorry you missed it! 🙁
      I’m not yet sure when I’ll reopen registrations…
      Don’t worry, I’ll let all the Community know: you’re not the only one. 🙂

      • Hello Geraldine,
        I don’t understand why the registration closed at all. If what you are offering is password-protected access to recorded audio tracks and PDF files that don’t expire and are available for a lifetime, how can you be “Out of Stock”, and why would you stop selling access to these lessons?

        • Bonjour Bill,

          Merci for this excellent “technical” question. 🙂
          As you know, I’m very honest here. So just for you, here is the answer:
          there’s only 1 person behind Comme une Française: me. I create the content, take care of customer service, answer all comments and emails, make the videos, edit them, deal with accounting etc.

          So when I created this course, I decided to open registrations for 6 days only in order to be 100% focused on the students: answer questions / create the lessons etc. Also, I currently have limited IT skills and couldn’t (at that time) open it anytime anywhere (as it involves automatic invoicing, creation of student IDs, customer service for people at different stages of the course…).

          BUT guess what: I’m improving each day so the next course (in March) will be open to all anytime anywhere. 🙂
          Also, I’ll reopen this particular in around 6 months as there’s a strong demand.

          Thanks for your kind question,



  • Hi

    I wanted to know will I be able to purchase this after January 26th? Because I was interested in getting the series but I wouldn’t be able it purchase until February.

    • Bonjour Manika,
      Registration will close this Sunday.
      Unfortunately, I don’t know when I’ll reopen it.
      It can be in 6 months, one year…

      No worries however, there will be other courses available in 2014. 🙂

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