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5 (very) embarrassing mistakes in French


Today, it’s Comme une Française TV’s first birthday!

To celebrate this event, I figured you’d want something VERY honest, VERY fresh and VERY useful. :)

Just a warning: this episode contains explicit sexual expressions (in French and in English) so you might want to use earbuds or send the kids to play in their rooms.

You’ll find a surprise below the video.

Click to watch « 5 + 1 BIG embarrassing vocabulary mistakes in France »:

Et toi ?

Have you made any of these mistakes in France?
Do you have any different awkward moments to share?

Remember: IT’S OK to make mistakes. Celebrate them, laugh at them and move on. We’ve ALL made mistakes abroad and it’s totally normal. Breathe and relax. Now you know!

A bientôt !


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