End a meal « like a frenchie »

End of a traditional French dinner. It’s not even Christmas or Easter. It’s not even a Sunday lunch. A normal dinner with French friends. You’ve eaten so much your brain is off. All the words are gone. How will you say « I loved it! » or « Could I have some more? »… Let me help you with a few traditional endings. ????

It was very good.

Always a good idea to say it to the cook. All these phrases are ok for a hotel, your in-laws and close friends.

C’était très bon.
C’était excellent.
C’était délicieux.

Could I have some more?

This behaviour is familiar. Formally, people are supposed to ask you : « Je vous ressers ? ». You answer : « Volontiers ».
But with family and friends, it is always ok (Personally, I love it) to ask for more: it shows that you really appreciated the meal.

Je peux me resservir ?
Je peux en reprendre ?
Je peux avoir du rab ?

I’m full

All these phrases are familiar. The behaviour is familiar as well.

Je suis blindée.
Je suis repue.

It means literally « I’m full ».

J’ai la peau du ventre bien tendue.

From the popular song: J’ai bien mangé, j’ai bien bu, j’ai la peau du ventre bien tendue. It means the skin of your belly is tight.

Je ne peux plus rien avaler.

I can’t eat anything else.

J’ai les dents du fond qui baignent.

Careful: this is (light) vulgar. It means: I’ve eaten so much, food doesn’t get down my throat anymore. You’ll hear it as it quite a funny expression. ????

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  • Hi Geraldine, I’m a silent student of yours.. even if I didn’t commented…Now I couldn’t stop myself from commenting as I have found what I’ve been desperately looking for to improve my French and most importantly to deepen my friendship with my dearly French friends, I appreciate your good works and your passion for helping others……
    I’m so grateful to you ….
    Bonne continuation 💜

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