5 French words that look ok… But are NOT.

Sometimes you make mistakes. It’s ok to make mistakes as you are learning the language. However, there are some that will bring you shame, once you figure it out… Months later.

I know the feeling, it happened to me as well. You feel stupid, ashamed and furious that nobody told us.

It’s like having vanilla ice cream on the nose and nobody telling you. Until you figure it out in the lavatories.

Here a 5 words that look ok, sound ok, but that you must NEVER use.


A classic.

It doesn’t mean “Faire la bise”.
It means “to f*ck”

Never say: “Je te baise ?”
Say: “Je te fais la bise?”


It doesn’t only mean: “female cat”
It mainly means: “female sex” (in a vulgar way)

Never say: “Ma chatte est malade”
Say: “Mon chat est malade. C’est une femelle.”


It doesn’t mean “to pull” (to shot is : Tirer sur)
It mainly means: “to f*ck”

In a game, don’t say: Je tire Fabien
Say: Je tire sur Fabien


Pédé ils NOT à translation for “gay”. It has a HIGHLY homophobie meaning. Never use it.

Never say: Paul est pédé
Say: “Paul est gay” ou “Paul est homosexuel”

Je suis pleine

It doesn’t mean: I’ve eaten enough, i’m full
It means: i’m a female pregnant animal

Don’t say: Je suis pleine.
Say: J’ai assez (ou “bien” ou “trop”) mangé.

As we say in French : “Ca va mieux en le disant !” (=conforting to hear).
It should help. 🙂

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  • Oh my goodness! I am guilty of saying ma chatte at the vets. Thank you for pointing that out, from now on my cat is mon chat

    • Bonjour Patricia,
      At the vet, it’s fine.
      No feel ashamed. It’s just slang that can be misinterpreted.
      But in certain contexts, it’s ok.
      The vet won’t make fun of you. You’re not the first!

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