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How to eat la galette des rois in France


Bonne année !

In France, today, on January the 6th, we eat la Galette des Rois: the king cake. You’ll see galettes in all boulangeries in France. And children with their crown on the head after school. It’s not only about eating a galette, it’s about traditions.

You’ll find a surprise below the video.

Click to watch « How to eat the galette des rois in France »:

Et toi ?

Have you ever tasted the galette des rois?
Where: at home? in France?
Did you follow the rules?

The comment section is the best area to start discussions and ask questions!

Here is a sketchnote I made to help you remember these traditions.
king cake
(Click to see it bigger)
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Bon appétit !


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