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Weird and Surprising Places in France

Salut !

As you know, I don’t (yet) do tourist stuff on Comme une Française TV. I don’t share the cutest cafés and restaurants and unknown bars in Paris and France. Maybe one day, but not now.

Today, if you’ve already seen the Eiffel Tower and Mont Saint Michel and are looking for more exotic places, I’ll be happy to share a few.

Les catacombes
Le Palais Idéal du facteur Cheval
Les Machines de Nantes
Le Musée Fragonard
Le musée Dupuytren

Et toi ?

Did you know these places?
Did you know these museums?
Do you have other similar strange and secret places to share with the community?

We can use the comment area as our own TripAdvisor for secret places!

Bonne journée et à tout de suite dans les commentaires,


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