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Bonjour !

Some French slang sounds disgusting–especially when you try to translate it literally.

They’re colourful (but mo...

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Salut !

When you speak French very well, sometimes too well, your French might be a little too clean, too formal, too perfect....

Salut !

Today, a funny and light topic: colloquial expressions with numbers. This won’t make you fluent. Or improve your com...

Salut !

You looooove colloquial French so here’s your monthly dose of French expressions. They will surprise your French fri...

Salut !

In France, we don’t talk about money but we have tens of words to say « money ». Funny, isn’t it?

I know you loooove...

Coucou !

I know you LOVE French colloquial expressions. 😉

Today, I’ll share with you a few of my favorite ones about how t...


Have you ever read posts or watched videos recommending you to use Putain and Merde in French?
To « sound » more...

Coucou !

Comment ça va ?

What a great rentrée this is!

I’m working hard to prepare a new course for you,
while happily se...

Salut !

Following your enthusiasm for the video on the French slang expressions I love. I’ve decided to give you more of t...

French people use these expressions millions of times everyday. These expressions don't exist in dictionaries and textbooks. Watch our quick video!

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