The 17 Best Questions from the Live Q&A. :)

Bonjour !

Last Friday, I organised a live Q&A to celebrate Comme une Française’s 6th anniversary. 🙂

It was a lot of fun! If you missed it or want extra resources from this special episode, we picked the 17 best questions and added extra images and resources for this director’s cut!

You’ll find the links below the video.

Comme une Française’s Instagram
La chanteuse Juliette
OSS 117: Le Caire, nid d’espions
Les tontons flingueurs
Kaboul kitchen

Et toi ?

Which question would you like to ask for next time?

Bonne journée,


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  • Salut Géraldine!

    I enjoyed this episode and believe it serves a good purpose in addition to a outlined ‘learn this’ episode. I am a psychology buff and what I’d like to point out is that an episode such as this serves to develop rapport. Rapport is a valuable thing! When students can bind with their teacher, it creates a ‘let’s do this together’ dynamic. When you think about it, in theory, most all of the information is out there, somewhere but people are coming to you for a reason. I am reminded of ‘the medium and tge message’ being the same, quote.

    Alors! A question for the future:

    I’m in Canada (but not Quebec), and there are many people in my community who have grown up with French but who then went to an English school or just pushed their French aside because English is dominant in the community. Whenever I express my enthusiasm to learn, and ask them to speak French with me, they decline. They know how, but are somehow embarrassed. The most I have gotten out of them is to write my French and have them read it and maje corrections. What is this about and what should I do?

  • Géraldine–
    Thank you so much for doing this! I loved all of the information. But I love your episodes even more. I just showed my French students the episode about Bread Etiquette. They nicknamed it Breadiquette!!

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