How to go to the market in France

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First, a gift for your friends.

If you have francophile friends who are not yet signed up to the Comme une Française email list and you KNOW they could benefit from it, I’ve got something special for them.

I’ve created a 30-day free course with the best of my videos in it. Whether they’re old friends, classmates, Facebook friends or readers of your blog… all are welcome!
If you already receive my weekly emails, you will receive it too (Of course! I wouldn’t forget you!).

But for your friends, it’s a nice and easy way to join our Community. If you have friends who are willing to improve their French too, here’s the link to send them: A very French Summer – by Comme une Française.

The course will start on August 4th and will last all month.

French markets demystified

Many learners have told me they love French markets. Maybe you love them too. And I know how tricky it can be sometimes to enjoy the full experience: how to choose a market, what to say when the seller talks to you, how to pay for things… All this without the dreaded brain freeze.

Don’t lie, we’ve all experienced this moment when we could answer in the local language, but we open our mouths and a totally different language comes out! (I experienced this hundreds of times in English and Spanish… So I know what you’re going through.)

This is a full episode on French markets for you: the different kinds of markets, the customs, my tips and ready-to-use phrases in French.


French music I love and recommend

Salut !

Today, following the great response from the “books” episode, I thought I’d do the same for music. But, instead of saying listen to this and that, I’ll give you clues on what “chanson française” is, where to listen to it so you can find your own taste. At the end, I’ll share with you artists I love.


15 Funny colloquial French expressions with animals

Salut !

You looooove colloquial French so here’s your monthly dose of French expressions. They will surprise your French friends, color your language, and basically, make you laugh. In this episode, you’ll learn a ton of colloquial French, with animals: « laid comme un pou », « un froid de canard », « avoir un QI d’huitre »… :)


French Books I Love

Salut !

People have asked me this question many times on Facebook and in email: Could you please recommend a few books in French?

Yes, and here’s an episode dedicated to French books.

I picked books I’ve read, obviously with stories set in France and written by Francophone authors. And in six categories. Bonne lecture !


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