Bonjour ,
French people speak fast, eat their words and use vocabulary that your teachers never taught you at school.
Have you ever noticed?

If you are a true francophile, you know this all too well.

So you ask yourself:
« How can I sound French like they do? When I learn French in books, I still sound like a tourist. »

Good news!

Today, I’ll show you how to speak French the way French natives actually do: FAST, with special vocabulary and pronunciation, and with that awkward but very common grammar.
Definitely not something you learn at school.

Let me help you!

Today on Comme une Française TV, I’ll show you how to speak French and sound French. For real.


Classic mistakes in French

Salut !

In one year since the popular video “Embarrassing mistakes in French” I’ve received thousands of emails and comments.
I read each one of them, so here are some frequent mistakes I want to help you with.

I know you love the “Classic mistakes” episodes. ;)

La Saint Valentin in France

Coucou !

Even though France is supposed to be the most romantic country in the world, we don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day as much as you may think. It may be a special evening with your loved one but not a full day. And the gift is not necessarily something expensive. A personal surprise is way better.

Today, we’ll look at what you can actually do and say in French to your loved one. :)


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