Question in French

Bonjour !

Ça va ?

If you’ve been following Comme une Française for a while, you know I always say « I don’t do grammar ».

OK… Well… After reading (and hearing) so many « bancales » (=wobbly) questions in French, I thought you’d like some help. ;)

How to properly ask a yes/no question, this is what we’ll see today on Comme une Française TV.


french swearing


Have you ever read posts or watched videos recommending you to use Putain and Merde in French?
To « sound » more French?

Well. To be honest, it is one of the worst tips I’ve ever read online.
Why? Because swearing sounds even more rude in the mouth of a French learner than it already is coming from a native…

What to say when you’d like to swear but understand it would be VERY inappropriate?
This exactly what I’ll show you today!

(+ the most common « textbook French » mistakes)



Today is « le 11 novembre », the celebration of the end of WW1. It’s a bank holiday in France.
It’s even more important this year as we celebrate WW1 Centenary.

Please join me on this special day of peace and commemoration.

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