Q&A : Special 2-year anniversary

Salut !

Bonne année !

Oh today is such a special day.
Comme une Française TV is 2 year-old, with over 100 episodes and 600 000 views!

To celebrate this together, you’ve sent me questions of all sorts: behind the scenes of Comme une Française, French culture, practical questions…
And I’ll answer them in this very special episode. 🙂

Before you start watching the video, I wanted to say MERCI for being such a wonderful part of the vibrant Comme une Française Community.

Et toi?
Which episode was the most useful to you?
What do you want to see in 2015?

I’m currently writing new ones so go on, tell me. ????

Je te souhaite une excellente année 2015.



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  • Hi Geraldine, I have attended two funerals this month. I would like to learn how to comfort the family of a deceased person and how to attend a wake and funeral. Hopefully, I will not need these words again soon. I just don’t want to make a bad situation worse by saying the wrong thing.

  • Long ago in a French class the teacher told us the animal sounds in French. Our dogs say Bow Wow but French dogs bark like_____. Silly question but could you do a short video telling us the words for animal sounds?

  • Bonjour Geraldine! Felicitations et joyeux anniversaire a Comme Une Francaise, et merci mille fois pour tous les excellents videos! Ils sont super utils! Je sais que tu preferes de pas faire trop de grammaire – mais je voudrais savoir plus la difference entre savoir et connaitre, et quelques phrases dont les utiliser. Keep up the great work! Katie. X

  • first of all, congratulations!!! and thank you so much!!!, i have learnt a lot with your videos and that make improve my relationships with my french friends. Now i can express myself without shame and all because of you. Also i have improved my english too!. Im from Mexico so with your help i learn double!
    My best wishes for you and sincerely thanks !!!
    Bonnie année !

  • Geraldine,
    You are not only an amazing, naturally born teacher, you are such an inspiration. I graduated in 2014 (from Journalism and French) and ended up taking a job in a corporate place in Central London and I hate it. I love listening to stories like yours to see that people can take initiative and create something out of their passion which they can do as a full time job.
    Even though my Erasmus year in France is long over and I am no longer a language student I never miss a single video you upload. That’s how excellent and hard to let go off is what you do.
    All the best in 2015

  • Bonne Année Géraldine: je trouve votre site très utile et je suis reconnaissant que vous le faites….mais….je ne comprend pas votre décision de tous faire en Anglais! Je pense que, si vous parleriez Français lentement et clairement (comme vous le faites en Anglais) on pourrait aisément vous suivre, n’est-ce-pas? Cordialement John H.

    • Bonjour John,

      En fait, personne en France ne parle doucement et clairement. 🙂 Ce serait donc mentir à tout le monde.
      Dans mes cours (payants), je propose plein de façons d’améliorer sa compréhension du français de la façon dont tu parles : de lentement à rapidement. 🙂

    • John, I am sorry to say that I disagree. In all of my other language courses and studies, I immerse myself in French. I refuse to even use English subtitles for movies. For these videos, however, I find it useful that she has made them in English. The English makes is more clear.

  • Félicitations! Et merci pour les recommandations de films – j’adore moi aussi Dujardin et ses films 117!!

  • Salut, Geraldine. I was fortunate enough to be taken by my Servas friend to visit her parents outside Paris. They were very welcoming, but I was stumped on how to address them because introductions were very rapid and everyone else –brother, sister-in-law, their son and daughter, and my friend’s partner were very informal. I felt okay using first names with my friend and the young folks, but I was puzzled by how to directly address her mother and father. I will see them again this year and would like to be more appropriate!
    Merci, Geraldine.

    • Carol, this has happened to me, too. With the 20s/30s I am okay but with the “adults” (parents/grandparents) I do not feel comfortable. I always stick with Madame and Monsieur until they invite me to say something else. I am interested to see what Geraldine suggests for this problem.

  • Salut Géraldine, je vous souhaite une très bonne année!
    La vidéo la plus intéressante pour moi était celle sur “le café” et j’ai bien utilisé les tips pendant ma voyage à Paris!

    Congratulations for the 2-year anniversary! I’m a big fan already and wish you lots of success and many more years of CUF TV!


  • ALL of the videos are a terrific learning experience beause they are “real life” incidents; therefore, all are valuable to me. My question: You mentioned you have made 200 videos, so could you add an archive so readers can retrieve those lessons?

  • Happy Anniversary Geraldine!
    Please tell us which are the best APPs for translation for our smartphones for french/english. I live in France.

  • Hi, just want to say I like all the things you do, favourite was the embarrassing mistakes, one to do perhaps talking to utility companies.
    Thanks for all your hard work.

  • When texting or sending facebook messages in French, I cannot always include accent marks. How problematic is that for my francophone freinds? Will they make mental corrections for the sake of understanding? For 2015, I would like to see more of the same kind of programs you have done so far! I find the ones that deal with very specific situations the most helpful. Perhaps a video on shopping at an outdoor market (amount conversions are troublesome)? Mille mercis !

  • Bonjour Geraldine: Can you do a video on banking terms and the differences between the US and France banking systems? For example, in France, we don’t need to write a check for cash, we just ask for the amount, and there is no deposit slip. This threw me the first time. Thanks for all your wonderful videos. I look forward to each one!

  • Congratulations on two years! I was wondering why you didn’t use your thumb and first finger to show “2” in French (is it because you are speaking English?) This was an important lesson I learned once at the boulangerie and I’ve never forgotten it! Something you don’t learn in school. 🙂

    • I have never seen anyone use the thumb and index finger to indicate two. Is that British? Or is that the way I should do it in French?

      • It’s French. In English we hold up the index finger to indicate one of something, but this was confusing to the boulanger when ordering croissants, because he needed to confirm whether I wanted 1 or 2. Apparently the French start counting with their thumb, so if you want one of something, it’s a thumb’s up! Not an index finger like in English, which might look like 2 in French. Hope that’s clear.

  • I’m relatively new to “Comme Une Française” and LOVE IT! Having studied French in school all my life, we only learn “proper” French so all the slang and colloquialisms are not in the texts. Your videos are definitely making a positive difference in my French! MERCI! Are you able to have a “search” link on your site or a “table of contents” so that I can search or scroll for videos on different topics? This would be so helpful! Merci pour tous les vidéos…ils sont vraiment incroyables et informatifs! 😀

        • …and an easy way of accessing all the past videos. perhaps all of this exists already, and i simply can’t figure it out. i’m not the most adept at this sort of thing. thank you, cheraldine, for everything you do.

  • Bonne annee, Geraldine, et merci pour tous les videos. I live in New York City and am trying to improve my “ear” to understand the different French accents I hear from all parts of France, Canada, etc. I would love you to do a video on the different regional accents in France. I love everything you do and have learned so much. Blessings for your continued success in 2015.

  • Salut Géraldine félicitations!! Quel exploit !! Vous devriez être très fiers!
    Je trouve toutes vos vidéos très utiles, en particulier ceux de l’étiquette et de la vie de tous les jours, je vous remercie.
    Je pense que, de temps en temps, il serait utile de voir une petite conversation entre vous et un ami en utilisant le français courant, avec sous-titres bien sûr !
    Je te souhaite une très très bonne année aussi.
    Merci bien,

    • Wow! I did not think of that. Great idea! Maybe the boyfriend who hides behind the camera. I would love to get a look at le mec de Geraldine….

  • Félicitations Geraldine c’est vraiment une superbe site! merci! J’aimerais parler avec les gens français. Pouvez-vous recommander où je peux trouver un groupe de conversation? (please excuse any spelling errors!)

  • how wonderful…have learned so much
    since you help us let me tell you in english we say 2 years…with an s
    perhaps this is a typo but wanted to let you know 😉
    here’s to many more!

      • Yes, in the States, we say “two year anniversary” or “second anniversary” but we also say “two years old.” Hope that helps, Gerladine, as you have been so helpful to us!

    • I think she’s just got mixed up with the compound adjective Jan – “The website is 2 years old” (positive statement), but “the 2-year-old website” (using a compound adjective used to describe the website.

  • I watch all the videos and save them to watch again. Looking forward to joining one of your courses. I would like a lesson on calling the plumber or electrician, what I say and what they respond….

  • Bonjour Geraldine et merci à vous!
    J’adore votre vidéos et il est trop difficile de choisir que une! Mais la leçon “vous présenter en français” est très très utile et les vidéos autour des différences culturelles m’intéressent beaucoup. J’ai lu un review d’un livre je voudrais lire et j’aime ses conseillés pour les étrangers vivant en France ‘Immerse yourself in the language and don’t be afraid of sounding stupid. (Accept the fact that it will take years until you no longer do sound stupid.)
    http://www.thegoodlifefranc… France /
    Prendre son courage à deux mains mes amis!
    Merci encore

  • Please do some videos on travelling around France – the train system, buying tickets, etc. By car – visiting the petrol station, paying at automatic pumps by card, where to get the best fuel prices, toll stations on motorways, dealing with Gendarmes! What to do if you have an accident or breakdown. Parking rules in towns & cities. Buses in citys – buying tickets, asking for destinations, etc.

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