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French Expressions: “Du coup,” “D’un coup” or…?

Download Lesson as PDF Download this lesson as a PDF! Please enter your name and email address to receive the lesson as a free PDF! Bonjour ! French adverbs like “du coup” can look complicated. Because they are! By the way, what’s this word “coup,”

7 Strange Words in French

We”ve gathered the 7 strangest and weirdest-sounding French words. Learn their meanings & pronunciations. And yes it includes the French word for weirdo.

French Food: 5 Delicious Dishes You Can Make at Home

Bonjour ! “Cuisiner” (cooking) is a great way to get into French culture! In this episode, we are featuring 5 simple, tasty French dishes made with easy to find ingredients! You may ask, how does this help you learn French? The recipe is the secret

French Pronunciation: French Vowel Sounds & Accents

Bonjour ! Mastering the sounds of the French vowels is very important as they make up the words we use in our speech. That’s why in this episode, we will practice pronunciation of these French vowels: A, I, O, U, E, É, È as well

6 Awesome Feminist Books in French

Bonjour, March 8th is “la Journée internationale des droits des femmes”. To celebrate this very important day, I made a special episode for you. Today, I’m sharing 6 awesome feminist books in French: 2 bandes dessinées, a non-fiction “essai”, an adventure story, a book about

«Double Your Frenchness» Crash Course

Enroll in in my free 10-lesson crash course that has helped thousands like you DOUBLE their Everyday French in 10 Days.