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Les trains en France


Bonne année !
Je te souhaite plein de bonheur et de réussite pour 2016. :)

Also, here are 2 episodes for you on January traditions in France:
2 unmissable French January traditions (including : Les étrennes)
How to eat la galette des rois

Today, we’ll talk about French trains. They’re super useful to travel around the country.
I received many questions from my viewers about the French railway, and they’re right, it’s confusing.

How can I book my train ticket ?
Can I take the TGV to anywhere ?
What is really a Thalys anyway ?

Well, today I’ll tell you everything you need to know about French trains, and much more ; when and why you should use the railway, the cheapest places to buy a ticket, why you wouldn’t be on this page right now without the train…

All aboard the Comme une Française Train !

Le Pass Interrail
Le Transilien
Captain Train

EDIT: I completely forgot to talk about « Composter son billet » !!! Thanks for mentioning this in the comments. 😀
Once you got your train ticket, before getting on the train, « il faut le composter »: punching/validating it in a machine. These machines are usually yellow. It means that you cannot use this ticket again.

Et toi ?

When did you last take a French train ? Which one?
Do you have any advice to share about taking the train in France?
>> I’m sure you do! This would be very useful to the Community!

Bonne journée et à tout de suite dans les commentaires,


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