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How to type French accents on your keyboard

Coucou !

One in every three or four words in French has an accent. On an e or an a or an o…
Or even the dreaded cédille below the c…

How do you do this on your keyboard if you don’t have a French laptop?

This is what we’ll see in today’s episode of Comme une Française TV!
Click to watch « How to type French accents on your keyboard »:

Et toi ?

How do you deal with accents when writing French?
Do you just leave them off?

The comment section is the best area to start discussions and ask questions!

About the French comprehension course:
You’ll see the course reopen in April (fingers crossed)!
I’m currently finishing the new website and a new course shop for you.
SO excited about this new look that I struggle to keep it a secret. 😉

« See you » in the comments,


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