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I <3 the way of Géraldine, she is always so enthusiastic. Her classes are really easy to understand. Yes, nowadays I feel more secure if I have to speak in French.
Paola K.
Géraldine is the most fabulous person to share the French culture with. She hosted my husband & friends in Paris for my 40th birthday, and every detail was amazing. She provided us with the perfect suggestions of what to do to make our trip one we will never forget.
Nagina A.
I am not afraid to talk in French. She really pushes people and gives the nerve to start the conversation in a foreign language. It is okay to mess up too. Nobody is perfect!
Jani H.
I have followed Comme Une Française and taken every class that Geraldine has offered. It is clear that Géraldine truly wants to meet the needs of her students in every possible way.
Jennifer S.
I had the magnificent treat of experiencing Geraldine’s skills in person, in Paris. None of us spoke French. Having Geraldine accompany us took our experience to a level we never anticipated. She has this inherent charm in the way she speaks that makes all personnel light up and give us special treatment.
Rachita R.
Now, I’m able to distinguish certain sounds that sounded unclear to me before the course when people spoke. Now it’s easier for me to ‘dissect’ what people are saying when speaking.
Cristina T.
I hesitated to join without real cause – should have acted sooner. I am more motivated to practice and study. The course has re-ignited my enthusiasm for preparing for my next visit to France.
James G.
South Korea
Thanks to Geraldine and her courses I now know the exquisite thrill of a smile of recognition from a francophone when I use a colloquial phrase she’s taught me. Now every time I visit ‘ma cantine’ we speak French. Confidence is so important.
Joe T.
United Kingdom
I love languages, and I wanted to improve my french from high school with real, spoken french so I could travel abroad. I loved having the insight of a native french speaker and I was surprised by all the little subtleties about spoken french. Instead of learning lists of vocabulary, it’s more like nuances that a non-native would take a while to pick up on.
Zach K.
I have so much more confidence in my conversation skills, using French recognised by French speakers today not out of rusty old textbooks! I am not embarrassed to make mistakes and find the French really appreciate you using colloquial expressions and take you more seriously.
Yvonne B.
Ma langue française s’est enrichie des expressions qui ne sont connues que par les Français. Je me sens vraiment plus sûre quand je parle français et je comprends davantage la langue !
Tania K.
I learned specific phrases and words that I now use and didn’t use to. I’m also a bit more confident to have a go and not worry too much about mistakes.
Mark P.
United Kingdom

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