5 Tips to Proofread Your French

Bonjour !

On Comme une Française, it’s ok to practice your French and make mistakes. You are in a safe place.
But even though making mistakes here is ok, each of us wants to improve.

Especially in writing, where as we say “Les paroles s’envolent mais les écrits restent.”
What you say may be forgotten, but what you write is forever

I know correcting your French yourself might seem difficult, but with today’s episode, you’ll have a checklist to remove 50% of the common mistakes that even French people make!

Note: This is not a grammar lesson, but a checklist. 🙂

Irregular plurals in French

The position of the adjective


Et toi ?

Is there a mistake you consistently make or a word you find particularly difficult?

Have you found a tip to autocorrect your mistakes?


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