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How to pay at the restaurant in France

Salut !

You’re in France, at the restaurant with friends. « La note » ou « l’addition », the bill arrives. Who pays? How much? For what?


That’s very cultural. It’s in Montreal, Quebec, that it struck me how different it can be, from one country to the other. Even if both Montreal and Paris speak the same language!

How to pay at the restaurant? This is what you’ll discover in today’s episode of Comme une Française TV.
Click to watch « How to pay at the restaurant in France »:

Next time we go to the restaurant, we’ll do « moitié moitié ». (click to tweet)

Et toi ?
How do you pay at the restaurant with a French friend?

Do you do « moitié moitié »? or invite your friend?

Share your story so we can discuss in the comments area below the video.

A la prochaine !

PS: There’s a BIG (HUGE) new feature coming up in 14 days: on Tuesday 23rd. Stay tuned! 😉

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