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Say hello during the day

In English, when you meet a person for the second time in day you would say , “hi” or “hello”. But in France, you don’t say “Bonjour” every time! When you come across someone again in the day, you don’t really know what to say.

Getting a doctor’s appointment in France

You’ve got a stomach ache for the past 3 days. And you feel that you need medications to feel better. You could stuff yourself with paracetemol and wait. But why suffer when there are doctors available to help. All you need to do is take

Achetez un poulet chez le boucher en France

Vous ne savez pas ce que vous avez le droit de demander au boucher quand vous allez acheter de la viande. Résultat : vous vous retrouvez avec un poulet entier : tête, pattes et tripes incluses… C’est vrai que vous pourriez vous orienter vers les

On m’invite à un apéro, j’apporte quoi ?

L’apéritif (ou apéro) est une spécialité française. Mais il y a tellement de façons de le faire, que quand on vous demande d’apporter quelque chose, vous êtes perdue. La bonne idée est d’apporter quelque chose de raffiné. N’apportez jamais de chips Casino ! Avant tout,

Invitée à un dîner, qu’est-ce que je fais ?

Vous êtes invitée à un dîner chez des Français. Et vous ne maîtrisez pas encore les règles de la société. Vous êtes terrorisée de faire une grosse erreur. Il paraît que les Français sont tellement difficiles à comprendre ! Mais vous n’allez pas refuser une

Buy fish at the market

After Saturday morning at the market you return home to your kitchen with a fish -its scales, bones and guts. Because you didn’t know what to ask, to have it cleaned. And you are scared about undergoing the whole experience again, wasting time trying to

When can you drink alcohol in France?

Consumption of alcohol has a lot unwritten rules which is not always obvious. And it’s important that you don’t commit a cultural blunder because wine is at the heart of the French culture. The problem is that France is “The” country of good wine and

You don’t want to eat foie gras!

You don’t want eat foie gras because you don’t like it. Or perhaps you are against cruelty meted out to animals. Being the only one who doesn’t eat it on family occasions, you are considered as a spoilt sport. You can explain yourself by saying

What should you serve for breakfast in France?

When you have French friends at your place and you don’t know what to serve them for breakfast. Usually, you have some muesli and fruit juice but you are under the impression that they will have only an Espresso. You stock your fridge with fruits,

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