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The 12 Months and 4 Seasons in French

Here”s your guide to learning 12 months and seasons in French, including useful tips. Décembre, janvier, février, le printemps, avril… and so on. It easy!

Buying Your Groceries in France

Become familiar with the types of shops in France and some vocabularies so you”ll know where to go to when you want to buy something.

Name Day in France (C’est la fête !)

Bonjour ! In France, most first names have a day of the year dedicated to them: your Name Day. It can make your day just a little bit more special, and it comes with rhyming proverbs, so what’s not to love? Today we dive into

Kings and Cakes: la Galette des Rois

Bonjour ! In the early days of January, we take out the cardboard crowns and choose a new king or queen. France doesn’t have the best relationship with royalty; “it’s complicated”, but for one day we don’t care, because la Galette des Rois is really

The Second Eve: le Nouvel An

Bonjour ! On New Year’s Eve, we’ve all made it through one more year, alive, on our little rock speeding through space. A whole new revolution around the Sun is ahead, four new seasons for us to make this world a better place. We’re small

Christmas in France – La Nuit de Noël

Bonjour ! We’ve been waiting for this night for a whole month, and now it’s here! The tree is glowing with joy and colored lights, the dinner table looks inviting, and the fat man is already out riding his sled overflowing with presents. Today we’ll

Christmas in France – Le Sapin et el Père Noël

Bonjour ! The days are short and the nights are long. People are buying trees, Santa Claus’ elves are making their last presents, traditions fill the air with joy and cinnamon… Christmas is coming! Let’s see how French people prepare for that magic night.

Christmas in France: Traditions and Religion

Bonjour ! Christmas is coming soon! Many Christmas traditions have been secularized: Santa Claus, Christmas trees, presents… Yet for more than a thousand years, the 25th of December has been first and foremost about Christian tradition. Let’s dive into the French religious customs for that

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