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You may remember dull French lessons from school, a bland recording of grammar lessons and stiff dialogue between French people droning on about a “parapluie”. Even after years of taking French classes in school, you can’t seem to find anything useful for your weeklong holiday in Paris! So where can you go to learn the French of today, with tailored lessons and conversations with a real French person?
Look no further than Comme une Française !

Géraldine Lepère is your guide to all things French. Her carefully planned lessons are fun, fresh and nothing like you remember in school. For expats living in France, or for those who enjoy a French holiday, she delves into the subtleties of French life, giving clues and cues for navigating everything from the boulangerie to the Bastille. Learn expressions, proper etiquette and polished grammar to make your stay in France, however long, formidable!

Géraldine Lepère
Géraldine Lepère
Une vie d’expatriée
Une vie d’expatriée
Comme une Française
Comme une Française
How it works

When you sign up for a course with Comme une Française, your French adventure starts right away. Géraldine herself will contact you directly by e-mail, welcoming you into her community. Then, you will be given access codes to the course platform and can start your learning immediately with the first lesson.

You will receive e-mail notifications as soon as new lessons become available, allowing to you learn at your own pace. You’ll continue to receive e-mails from Géraldine, and be able to participate in live discussions with her and with other members of the Comme une Française community.

The community is always there to discuss, exchange and communicate with so you get as much practise as you’d like! The courses are comprehensive, hand-crafted and fun. You’ll be speaking Comme une Française in no time!

Géraldine Lepère

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How does it work ?

1I sign up for free

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2I receive a new episode every Tuesday

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3I start loving to use my French!

  • I progress with the support of the Comme une Française community

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There’s no better day than today to start loving your French, and there is no better way than Comme une Française to do it! Take some time to look around the site and see all the ways you can be a part of the community, come and join me!