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My worst fear when I visit a foreign country? Making a social faux-pas–without even knowing it! Hidden cultural di...

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Bonjour !

Reading French newspapers is a great way to improve your French. You can even practice while browsing their websites...

Bonjour !

In France, you can get a meal or a drink in many different places.

“Restaurants”, “brasserie,” “bar-PMU”...


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Complimenting someone properly is a simple way to brighten someone’s day, and it can mean a lot to them - and to y...

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French people start to talk after around one or two years after they’re born. Surprisingly, we don’t immediately...

Bonjour !

Darkness falls across rural France; creatures crawl in search of camembert.

What demon lurks in the night?
What s...

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It’s Valentine’s Day! Roses are everywhere, and French people are even more romantic than usual.

It’s a fun occa...

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Some traditions in France are superstitions.

Which side of the bread should be facing up on the table, how to give...

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Many famous women helped shape French history.

Great scientists, influent thinkers, talented artists or fierce w...

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France enjoys a rich and vibrant network of clubs and associations.

They’re a great way to practice your passio...

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