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Bonjour !

French plural seems to follow a simple rule—except when it doesn’t.

Like almost all parts of the language, it has...

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Bonjour !

Many words in French and English look alike. They’re useful – you can quickly understand or use them and voilà...

Salut !

“Tu vis où à Paris ?”, “Is it true all French people are at 70% made of cheese?”…

Foreigners don’t want to be rud...

Salut !

« Je me souviens » or « tu te rappelles »? And is it « voir » or « regarder »?

Sometimes the French language splits...

Salut !

Euphemisms are a type of expression to soften a harsh reality: death, sickness, or embarrassing topics.

Their litera...

Salut !

In one year since the popular video “Embarrassing mistakes in French” I’ve received thousands of emails and commen...

Salut !

Lots of French expressions are confusing when translated literally from French to English.
Sometimes, they even mean...


Enfin ! It’s summer here in France.
The sun is out, short dresses too and it’s the beginning of endless apéros in t...


Today, it’s Comme une Française TV’s first birthday!

To celebrate this event, I figured you’d want something VERY ho...


Ca va ?

French swearing.
The evil topic.

Many blogs will teach you that using « Putain » when you speak French...

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