• testimonial1

    I think it is more easier to speak French language by using your videos, rather than going through years and years through the text books (unless one has to pass the exams).”Sheila UK

  • testimonial2

    “I really appreciate your friendly and often humorous presentations, and special attention to cultural nuances (such as whether it is proper to give a kiss or a hug to a French person). I also appreciate your preference for up-to-date, « street wise » French.”Odelia – Israel

  • testimonial3

    It’s such a helpful site, French is taught in a very easy and clear way. Plus a very important part of being an expat is to try and fit in, to be accepted by the community.”Michaela – UK

  • testimonial4

    I enjoy your enthusiastic insights and lively explanations of French culture. You give us the insiders: perspective of us tourist. This will help us to blend in better when we travel to France.”Marylin – USA

  • testimonial5

    “I love that the topics are so relavent to the France of 2014 And that the language is everyday French.Bernadette – Australia

  • testimonial6

    “It is very clear with just enough English translation, you learn something new every week and it is delightful.”Elisabeth – UK

  • testimonial7

    “It’s fun for us far-away francophiles to see your cute and informative videos.”Heidi – USA

  • testimonial8

    “I enjoy your bright dialogue and the fact that you give a variety of responses to a question ranging from formal to vulgar.”Patricia – Canada

  • testimonial9

    “Yes, it’s a great way of learning the language the French people really use in daily life (what usually the language books do not show/teach properly)”Izabela – Poland

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