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Coucou !

According to the thousands of foreigners getting married in Versailles, Paris, Provence… A wedding in France is a dream come true for happy couples.

But very few French newlyweds get their picture taken in front of the Tour Eiffel or a lavender field.

That’s normal. Your country is not as exotic to you than it is to a foreigner. :)

Mariage civil, cérémonie, vin d’honneur, endless dinners, dawn to dusk parties… Maybe you’ve been invited to a wedding in France and would like to know what to expect!

What happens at a French wedding? It’s always the same.

Click to watch « A French wedding in 6 steps »:

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As you’ve been interested in French for a while, you know how important food is to French people.

And not only what we cook and eat. But also plates, tablecloth and… meal times!

Try to have lunch at 4PM and you’ll grab the strictness French mealtimes.

This week on Comme une Française TV, I’ll demystify French mealtimes:
– When we eat what,
– How we call each mealtime,
– Typical French phrases for each of them…

Which are the French unwritten rules about food?

Click to watch « When to eat in France: sacred mealtimes »:

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Enfin ! It’s summer here in France.
The sun is out, short dresses too and it’s the beginning of endless apéros in the garden.

With « French » apéros so famous all around the world,
today, we’ll cover another « very French » topic.

When you talk about « French [something] » to a French person, they usually don’t know what you’re talking about.

Same if I talked to you about « English cream » or « American kitchen ». :)

But on top of that, the label “French” is often overused. Sometimes to sell more, and more expensive. (Which drives me crazy)

How to get yourself understood when looking for something « French » in France?

Click to watch « 9 “French” things that aren’t »:

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