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Salut !

A few weeks back, we looked at how to scare the hell out of a French person, remember? What kinds of things can be overwhelming for us. You know, stuff like “a hug” or being over friendly. All that might frigthen us without your even being aware of it.

This week, you’ll see the other side of this topic: what habits WE have that might unsettle you. See what I mean?


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Coucou !

In France, this Sunday, it’s Mother’s Day!

It may be different in your country but here we celebrate Mother’s day on the last Sunday in May.

What about celebrating your mum TWICE this year?
She’ll love to receive a « happy mother’s day » in French… And another gift! ;)

How to wish your mum happy Mother’s day in France, that’s what we’ll take a look at today on Comme une Française TV.


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Bonjour !

While living in England, I discovered how gestures are important. Mainly by making mistakes.

A language is not only words but also gestures and facial expressions. And a gesture is usually understood on its own. People get it straight away. So if you get it wrong, it can be a big misunderstanding. :)

Let’s save you any misunderstandings in France.

The 12 most popular gestures in the French language : that’s what we’ll take a look at today on Comme une Française TV!


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