5 French magazines

Salut !

Learning French is always easier when you’re doing things you enjoy: watching a movie, listening to a song… Or reading a magazine!

How do you improve your comprehension reading French magazines? What do you read?
That’s what we’ll take a look at today on Comme une Française TV!

Note: You can buy most of them on iPad


Cultural differences

Salut !

Today, we’ll cover precisely the kind of topic you come to Comme une Française for.
Deep insight on France and French people that only a local can reveal.
Delivered with kindness and honesty. Never judgmental.

Today’s video is about “How to frigthen a French person”: or, what foreign habits you have that will unsettle them.
And might frigthen them without your even being aware of it.

Note: Please remember before we start that this video is here is help you be aware of cultural differences,
not to force you to change who you are.


How to order coffee in France

Salut !

When you’re in a café in France, let’s say the Café de la Paix in front of the Opéra, you want to order coffee like a French person, NOT like a tourist.

After all, that way you’ll also get the best service from the waiter.

This week on Comme une Française TV, we’ll see 9 kinds of coffee AND how to properly order them. In French.

Use these phrases and remember to add a nice « merci » and a « s’il vous plaît ».


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