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Bonjour !

While living in England, I discovered how gestures are important. Mainly by making mistakes.

A language is not only words but also gestures and facial expressions. And a gesture is usually understood on its own. People get it straight away. So if you get it wrong, it can be a big misunderstanding. :)

Let’s save you any misunderstandings in France.

The 12 most popular gestures in the French language : that’s what we’ll take a look at today on Comme une Française TV!


why be late in France

Salut !

Lateness in France: This is SO cultural I wanted to make a whole video on it. :)

We’ll explore a Annika’s story. She decided to be right on time at a French dinner and her hosts were still in the shower!

You’ll also discover where you should NEVER be late.

It may seem very subtle but once you watch this video, you’ll understand why you’re always the first one to arrive at French « soirées ».


wine in france

Salut !

Wine, cheese and bread are the 3 symbols of French food.
But we don’t drink wine, buy bread and eat cheese like in the movies set in Paris.

Today, I’ll demystify French wine by giving you 5 tips about wine in France. From where to buy it to how we actually drink it, in real life.


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