colloquial expressions in French

Coucou !

I know you LOVE French colloquial expressions. ;)

Today, I’ll share with you a few of my favorite ones about how to say
« It’s in the middle of NOWHERE! » or « You’ll NEVER do this! » spontaneously and with style.

Use them and you’ll see people’s faces light up.
Your French friends will be impressed!


How to thanks someone for a compliment in French

Salut !

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Here’s today’s very short, practical and ready-to-use video. :)

You know this feeling of embarrassement we sometimes feel when someone compliments us unexpectedly? (That’s normal, I feel it too).
For example: a French stranger you ask directions from says « Vous parlez super bien français ! ».

What do you say?
« Em… Non, oui, merci, thanks… » while blushing? :D

Today, you’ll learn simple and reliable phrases to thank someone for a compliment in French.
So next time you receive a compliment, you can smile and confidently thank the person, en français.


make up in france

Salut !

Today, a very practical and down-to-Earth topic: How to buy make-up in France!

When in France, you may want to buy some make-up to bring back home to your best friend or just for you.
And trust me, when you enter a shop with pretty young shop assistants and have NO idea what you’re looking for, it hurts your ego.
Good news, I’m here to help.

And yes, this is based on my experience of feeling stupid while miming what I wanted in a shop. :)


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