How to wish a merry christmas in French


It’s Christmas time!
It will soon be the moment to wish all your loved ones a Joyeux Noël.

The phrases you’ll use in French to wish a Joyeux Noël
to your colleagues, your friends or your family are not the same.

How do we wish a Joyeux Noël in French in person, by email or on a Christmas card?

This is what we’ll see in today’s episode of Comme une Française TV

Here are 3 ways to wish a merry Christmas in French:

Et toi ?

Wish someone a « Bonne année » in French and tell us how it went!
By email, on the phone, in person. They all work!

The comment section is the best area to start discussions and ask questions!

I’m looking forward to hearing about your friends impressed by your perfect French.

Gros bisous,



First days of December.
You’ve been living in France for a while now.

Christmas is coming and you have no idea what to bring back home.
And NO: you WON’T buy an overpriced plastic Eiffel Tower.

You’re looking for something that looks French AND is stylish AND is original.

Need Christmas gifts ideas from Comme une Française?
Here’s the second video of the « Christmas in France » serie.

What to bring back home this Christmas?

Click to watch « 10 best Christmas gifts to take back home »:

Links to the ideas: Biscuits de la Mère Poulard, La Belle Iloise, La pâte de speculoos, Notes de Boulet (his blog), Gaston Lagaffe de Franquin, Joséphine de Pénélope Bagieu (her blog), Tu mourras moins bête de Marion Montaigne, Le Chat de Philippe Geluck, Moulin Roty, Brain Box d’Asmodée.

Et toi ?

If you live in France, what will you offer for Christmas?
If you live abroad, what do you dream of receiving for Christmas from France?

Share and exchange gift ideas in the comment section with the Community.

I’m looking forward to hearing about your Christmas in France experiences all December.

A très vite,


ask help french

When you’re in France, sometimes, you encounter problems.
Not necessarily big ones.

I’m talking about small ones.
Small annoying ones.

Where you’d happily welcome a helping hand.
A little help from a local.

How can you politely ask for help using the appropriate, well-constructed sentence in French?

Click to watch « How to ask for help in French »:

>>> There’s a « coquille » in the video: we say « serre la main » (from « serrer ») not « sert la main » (from « servir »). Sorry for this.

Et toi ?

In what situation did you ask for help in France?
What did you say?
Did the person help you?

Share and exchange tips in the comment section with the Community.

Thanks for watching, reading, and talking to: it’s wonderful to see you all improve your French.

A très vite,


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