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Enfin ! It’s summer here in France.
The sun is out, short dresses too and it’s the beginning of endless apéros in the garden.

With « French » apéros so famous all around the world,
today, we’ll cover another « very French » topic.

When you talk about « French [something] » to a French person, they usually don’t know what you’re talking about.

Same if I talked to you about « English cream » or « American kitchen ». :)

But on top of that, the label “French” is often overused. Sometimes to sell more, and more expensive. (Which drives me crazy)

How to get yourself understood when looking for something « French » in France?

Click to watch « 9 “French” things that aren’t »:

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Coucou !

Today’s episode was very funny to write because I had to search into the French I use everyday.
Not necessarly the most elegant one.

But the real French you’ll hear me and millions of others use everyday.

French expressions that don’t exist in dictionnaries and textbooks.
French you’ll hear in the metro, in the street, in cafes.

The French expressions that will make French eyebrows raise when you use them.
Trust me. ;)

Today, I’ll give you the inside track on 5 of my favourite colloquial French expressions.

Click to watch « My 5 favourite French expressions (in slang) »:


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Salut !

Imagine this: a great opportunity comes your way: you have the chance of winning an all expenses paid scholarship to Paris for a year. Financed by the French embassy. All you have to do is leave your contact details, in French, including of course your phone number so they can call you back.

How do you say your phone number in French, like French people do?

And nope It’s NOT the same as in English.


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