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Salut !

Following your enthusiasm for the video on the French slang expressions I love. I’ve decided to give you more of those popular slang expressions.

This week, you’ll learn expressions that are cherished by French people and are taught nowhere.

Use them in conversations, emails, text messages and you’ll put a BIG smile on French people’s faces.

They’ll think WOW, you KNOW that.


bastille day

Salut !

You know what day it is TODAY? It’s Bastille Day!
Well… You THINK it’s Bastille Day.

Because in France, it’s just « le 14 juillet ».
In fact, Bastille Day is very different from what you think.

Ready to find out about what really happens on Bastille Day in France?

Click to watch the video!

French facial expressions

Bonjour !

Following your enthusiasm about the French gestures (click here to watch the video), I’ve decided to go further, with an explanation of French facial expressions.

You’ll learn how to say « I’m bored », « you’re crazy », « I don’t believe you »… without using a single word. :)

Ready to impress your French friends and colleagues?
Click to watch the video!


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