colloquial expressions in French

Coucou !

Comment ça va ?

What a great rentrée this is!

I’m working hard to prepare a new course for you on French Conversation (opening Oct. 21st – no worries, you’ll know more about this later this month)
while happily sending you weekly tips on French culture and language.

And there is some French that cannot be learnt in a book.
I’m talking about French colloquial expressions we all use without even thinking about them.

The untranslatable ones, the funny ones, the ones from popular culture…
Today, I’ll teach you 5 of those. :)


french kiss

Salut !

Ça va ?

After a quiet month of August in Grenoble (perfect time to write and shoot new videos for you!),
it’s « la rentrée » in France: the children are back to school. And the parents back to work.

So, as you may start work again too,
let’s start September with a light and funny topic: French kisses!

Between « la bise », « les baisers » and « embrasser »…
French kissing is very codified and full of classic expat mistakes.
The ones that will make French people laugh but you might blush…

And on top of that, you have the mythical « French kiss »!


ete article culture


Last week of « L’été de Comme une Française »!

Today, you’ll explore ways to better understand the French culture.

C’est parti !


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