How to order coffee in France

Salut !

When you’re in a café in France, let’s say the Café de la Paix in front of the Opéra, you want to order coffee like a French person, NOT like a tourist.

After all, that way you’ll also get the best service from the waiter.

This week on Comme une Française TV, we’ll see 9 kinds of coffee AND how to properly order them. In French.

Use these phrases and remember to add a nice « merci » and a « s’il vous plaît ».


Live like a Frenchman

Coucou !

On March the 8th, it’s “La Journée de la Femme”: International Women’s Day, and as this blog is called “Comme une Française”, I’ve decided to do something special!

Since we talk about us, women, all year long here, I’ve invited an authentic, pure Normandy-bred Frenchman: my friend Ludovic from Spontanez-vous and… we’re going to do a special “Comme un Français” episode.

Something “Pour les mecs”. Watch this episode with your partner! ;)

Click to watch « Pour les hommes: 5 ways to live Comme un Français »:

Et toi ?

What differences do see between French men and other nationalities?
What do you want to apply in YOUR life?

The comment section is the best area to start discussions and ask questions!

A bientôt !


PS: Yes, it’s a new set! And a new HD camera! As you’ll see, with all theses changes to deal with, I completely forgot to take off my glasses.

tu or vous rule


Tu or Vous?
That’s a big question in France.

Say you’re greeting a friend’s sister you’ve already met.
You may be thinking, « Should I kiss her or shake her hand? ».

Choosing tu or vous can feel the same way.
In this episode of “Comme une Française TV,” I’ll give you some guidelines on how to figure it out.


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